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hi everyone  just recieved my mri results today . Which states I have a right posterolateral disc extrusion L5-S1 which is compressing on my S1 nerve (boy do I know that ). It says the extruded fragment is 16x12x5.6 MM. in size . Is this
i am on methacarbonal , naproxen  gapbentin and  morophine for breakthrough pain . 
Can anyone give me their experience if this gets better with pyhsio. Thanks in advance 


  • William GarzaWilliam Garza TexasPosts: 1,923
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    Hello K

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  • Thank you William
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  • smartens162smartens162 Manitoba, CanadaPosts: 361
    I had severe rupture at L5-S1, the nerve pain was excruciating 24/7. I was on most of the meds you are, they took the edge off and made me a zombie for 9 months until it was finally my turn for surgery - I opted for discectomy.  While I was waiting though, I went to a physiotherapist who used an osteopathic approach.  He was able to give me some relief, which usually only lasted a few days at a time, but I was happy for anything I got!   He worked with nerve pressure, some chiropractic adjustments, stretching, some massage, electrotherapy.  I still go to him, when I have flare-ups and I need some specific relief.  I have heard that physio can rehabilitate some disc issues, but others say it made things worse.   I would definitely check with doctor first, for your specific case.  All the best to you!
  • wajihwwajih torontoPosts: 48
    Hi Kbeads
    I have exactly same extrusion which is 22x8mm and compressing S1. Now it has been 10 months with some improvement though I am still on meds. Neurosurgeon has refused me twice for the surgery. None of the physio helped me but everyone is different and there is no general rule that if the physio would work or not. You can only know buy having few sessions and see if its helping or making it worst and then decide whether to do it or not. Just do not let anyone to use excessive force on you. I didn't really insist on surgery as well because if the NS thinks I should not then I am not doing it as the surgery may have its own consequences and there in no real guarantee. How long you having the symptoms are what are the symptoms and severity? All  symptomatic disc herniation follow a path which could be either back dominant or leg dominant symptoms. Generally speaking Leg dominant symptoms have good surgical prognosis while back dominant have poor outcome. Wishing you good luck and quick recovery.
  • Hi 
    have been having symptoms since Feb . My pain is all down my left leg thigh calf ankle and foot calf also feels numb to touch . I have never felt pain like it in my life it was completely of the scale could not sit lay stand walk or weight bare in anyway . Meds have helped pain and made life bearable arm but cannot walk far . My fear is permanent nerve damage . Thank you all for your kind  replies I hope you too get some kind of resolution
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  • Sorry right leg lol
  • wajihwwajih torontoPosts: 48
    Well, leg dominant symptoms are most likely to be resolved by surgery. I think you should have an appointment with a specialist and discuss and keep all your questions handy. Your question about permanent nerve damage is valid. What I have researched so far that you only have few months to a year to avoid it. So please don't waist any time and try to see the surgeon as soon as possible.  Living life in pain is hard and I am living that everyday. Browsing through different forums would only add to your frustration. The specialists know the best and you should see one....Good luck
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