I have been in pain for more than 6 years. It started in my neck and it has grown.



  • itsautonomic said:
    david what is the hanged treatment? i have never heard of that , is it inversion?

    oh ok i was thinking just spine based, but that makes something like fibromyalgia or tms more possible i guess.  but if you feel originates in spine do not give up on that theory unless proven otherwise. tracie have you had spinal cord issues in past or discs impinging spinal cord?  i had false piositive emg saying carpel tunnel also and doctors finally agreed was probably a neck issues after having several that didn't match results.

    my c5/c6 disc was impinging on my spinal cord and caused permanent damage as far as we can tell so far. i had that fused almost 2 years ago. there isn't much room for my spinal cord from c4-c7. the discs above and below were bulging a little bit but as the doc said " they shouldn't be causing pain". they have pretty much implied that i just have to live with it and there is nothing they can do. i don't necessarily want drugs for every day but the days when it is so horrible and i don't want to get out of bed to go to work suck. even when i don't go to work i am studying most of the day.
  • Update from MRI- So there is a bulge in the disk on the right side at about L6/S1 ( yes, that is right, I have 6 Lumbar vertebrae not 5 like most people). This explains the sciatica issues on the right side but not the left. I also have a disc a little further up that was thinning. Nothing that warrants surgery. Nothing explains the locked feeling at T12/S1. Everything looks fine. They didn't take pictures of my neck which didn't surprise me but he pulled up the MRI from last year and we looked at that again- It looks like a mess in there but apparently it looks fine to him. The left side might be from the spinal cord damage in the neck. Sounds like a long shot but I did have myelopathy from the herniation at C5/C6. I also brought up with him about what I am supposed to do about the pain in my neck when I am already on a lot of meds that are just not working. He requested that I try dry needling again and think about cortisteroid injections which are on my banned list of drugs. There is another post about this on another board. I am also being referred to a rheumatologist so we can get me tested for other issues or disease that might be causing the pain. I don't know what else to do and I feel like they leave me to fend for myself.
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