had my first MRI today, now just confused.

I went for my very first MRI today , the results were not very helpful at all.  The mri was without and with the contrast dye. I have no sense of touch and haven't since April, after recovering from bells palsy which was later determined  to be Ramsay  hunt syndrome  due to loss of hearing . I lost sensation in my whole upper body after it went away, from my shoulders to my belly button, at the beginning  it felt like I had a giant squeezing me around my upper stomach and bottom ribs. I couldn't use my hands properly I couldn't feel them, kinda like they fell asleep and forgot to wake up.  It's been that way since April the numbness  is still there , doesn't seem to be as bad as it was but now for the past couple weeks I've had horrible pain in my back where my spine is in different places  like a little lower than in between my shoulder blades and my neck and the pain is in my shoulders and shoots down my arms. Anyways I had the mri done today which I was so terrified of , due to head trauma  24 years ago which I had to have my skull wired back together and the wires are still there. Nothing like the fear of going into a giant magnet to start your morning lol.  Well they finally decided to go ahead and do it since it had been so long. I had an appointment  with my neurologist  almost directly afterward where we watched the mri and he said my thoracic  spine looks great then we looked at the cervical spine and that is when I heard something I didn't want to hear, he was looking and said, "what is that? I have never seen anything like that before. "  the top of my cervical spine  is swollen and there seems to be a spot there. He was bumfuzzled and said he doesn't think that it is a tumor because it would have lit up with the contrast dye.  So now he is sending me for a spinal tap  and wants me to get an mri done on my head. I have no idea why but guessing there is a good reason.  He prescribed gabapentin  for the pain 600 mg 3× daily, it seems to take a lot of the pain away.  Has anybody experienced anything like this? Anything that seemed to stump a neurologist?  Anybody have swelling at the top of their cervical spine?  Any words of wisdom or experiences would be greatly appreciated. 


  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
    Just mentioned loss of hearing.
    Was that a temporary or is permanent condition?

    While you are waiting for members responses with shared experiences, you may benefit from using search, upper right on page.
    Typing in your concerns may lead you to the medical side of this site..with articles and or videos.

    The videos all have a transcript, so very accessible to those with any hearing impairment.

    For myself, I learned a lot by viewing videos and learning about the healthy spine..which helped me better understand my painful issues.

    Please keep us posted!
  • rhia5781rhia5781 Tennessee Posts: 11
    The hearing loss was temporary,  it only lasted three months . Thank you,  I will do some searching around  on here.
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  • So sorry that you are dealing with this rhia. I don't have much experience with what you are going through but I do have experience with doctors saying " Well, never seen that before". Usually it ends well but ended with surgeries and a ban of certain drugs, but hey, I am still alive. I am guessing that whatever that is on your spinal cord in your neck probably has to do with your issues but of course, I am not a doctor. I have been on a high dose of gabapentin for a while so yes, it is quite a bit. Did he have you ease into it? Its definitely not a drug to take lightly, take it from me. If you have any side effects concerning the gabapentin- report them. When I went on too high of a dose it played on my fears and I had hallucinations of spiders crawling on the walls and everything else. Not fun. Not trying to scare you though. LOL
  • rhia5781rhia5781 Tennessee Posts: 11
    Thank you for your response. He did say that the swelling in my spinal cord is causing the numbness  and nerve pain. Because it is putting pressure on my nerves. He did not have me ease into it, I was to jump right in and when I took my first dose of it, about an hour to an hour in a half later I had a severe sleepiness rush over me which I couldn't give into because I have kids to take care of and I'm alone with them because my husband is an over the road truck driver so he is gone more than he is here during the week. Then a little bit later after that I felt stoned out of my mind which confused me because it is not a narcotic. Not going to lie it was very relaxing and the pain was gone. Had this feeling for the first two days. Then Saturday  the pain got worse and the gabapentin  was not helping at all. It hurt and burned so bad I was in tears  which is unusual for me because I have a very high pain tolerance.  Went to the dr yesterday and she gave me a steroid shot and wore me  a Rx for a steroid dose pack. I thanked her so much for that because from the very beginning of this whole issue I begged my pcp for steroids. When this happened back in February  when I was diagnosed with ramsay hunt syndrome the gave me steroids then too a very high dose for three days and then gradually  reduced then from then on. It made the numbness in my body aside from my face go away. But my pcp wouldn't listen to me. Possibly because she didn't know what was going on with me.  She has also upped my dosage of gabapentin  to 900 mg either three times daily or one or two she said it is my choice how I want to do it. I have yet to do it though because I know how it felt when I took 600 mg for the first time not sure if 300 mg added would cause the same thing or not. 
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