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Neck and head pain all the time

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I'm new to this site and I hope you can help me.
We live in the UK .[edit]
I've had back pain for the last 50 years (but thats another story).  The problem is my husband's.
After numerous scans and tests he was told today that he'd just have to live with his never-ending headache.  He's pretty stoical but this has thrown him and he's so angry I can't cope with it.  He won't talk, won't accept any physical comfort - he;s just angry its impossible to help him.
I understand, I really do, but feel so helpless.  (Its OK, I don't feel he's any danger to me with his anger, just that I don't know how to deal with it).  He won't talk, won't accept hugs, won't accept any suggestions.   Do I just leave well alone until he works through it?  I'd say he needs psychological help just now, but I don't think it'd be a good idea to suggest it!  Any better ones?  Acupuncture?  Osteopath?

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  • I have to say, I can relate. I don't know what is causing your husband's headaches but mine started with my neck issues and it got worse after my fusion surgery almost 2 years ago. I have medications up the wazoo just to calm it to a dull throb every day and sometimes that doesn't even work. It sucks. I go through times of anger because I don't understand why I have to deal with this daily. Why me? Why cant they fix this? I don't like talking about it much because it feels like I am just complaining. Most people can tell at work when I have one because I am quiet and I wince at every noise like someone lit a firework by my ear. Just trust that its a lot to take in. Let him deal with it in his own way and be there when he finally does want to talk about it. I am not a fan of this option myself but there are treatments of botox to help chronic daily migraines. Its very expensive though. But if it is available and he is willing, maybe you can ask your doctor about it. Many prayers for you and your husband.
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