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at my wits end

As the title implies, I'm posting this because i've had an injury that doctors (very good doctors) have been unable to diagnose, treat, or really help in any constructive way. 

The bottom line is that I have nerve pain in what feels like my right hip joint. Some days are better than others, and some activities are easier than others. The doctors believe it is "referred pain" that is actually stemming from lumbar problems with the L4/L5. I've had two MRI's, both revealed nothing. 

I first felt the pain about a year ago when I was weightlifting (squats). It was a dull pain in my right hip, but it was not unbearable. I went home and took a week off from the gym. For the next six months I stopped doing any exercise that would cause it pain, and thought that was going to be enough. Then I stopped exercising altogether for about two months thinking rest would help - it did not. I finally went to a sports medicine practitioner (very highly rated), who recommended an MRI on my hip. It showed nothing. She then referred me to a sports medicine physical therapist (also very highly rated), and he recommended an MRI on my lower back. The MRI came back and my docs said quote "You do have a single small disc bulge more so on the right than the left. However, it's pretty small and not pushing on the nerve root." This was about two months ago. Since then I've been to 4-5 PT sessions. Each one it seems they learn a tiny bit more, but still there doesn't seem to be a hard diagnosis -- and more distressing -- there seems to be very little that I can do on my own outside of PT. The most significant development is that we have discovered the hip/nerve pain activates when I'm doing things that involve my lower back. For instance, if I keep my legs straight and try to touch my toes, I'll feel it. If I stand straight and turn my chin down to my chest, sometimes I'll feel it. Then other times I'll feel it every time I take a step, or I'll feel it when I wake up from a night's sleep. 

I'm in very good physical shape and I lift weights (nothing that involves lower back), play hockey, and walk a few miles a day. I've been told that none of this activity is making things better or worse. And I believe that because I took a two month break from all activity and nothing got better. 

I'm going to remain diligent about my PT, but I'm starting to try to think outside the box and I'm honestly willing to try anything. Yoga, Stretching, Acupuncture, Herbal Remedies -- whatever it takes. Seriously whatever it takes at this point. 

Thank you in advance for any medical advice, pseudoscientific theories, reality checks, well wishes, etc.



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    hello duffmc81

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