Cervical hemangioma and disc bulges

Hello, assume this is the best place for my post. First, i am a athletic build, 31 yr old male. Been heavy lifting 10 yrs metalworking. Now, the whole rundown of my situation. Herniated disc between L5/S1. But that's not that's my main concern. Told I have a congenital fusion of c2&3. With a atypical hemangioma on/in C2. Waiting on cat scan results now for further diagnosis. Very curious to hear about that as mri pic shows what looks to me as bottom of c3 decomposing. Has normal looking spacing on front side and halfway across vertabre it's curves up. Leaving a much larger (disc) space near spinal cord. Also, mild disc bulges C4-6. Wondering if hemangioma has weakened c2 so much that discs below are taking brunt of the pressure? I have sharp pain between my shoulder blades for a few yrs. And more recently headaches at base of my skull. Wondering if anyone else has had anything near an experience like this? 


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  • c3 is the first and smallest full function vertebrae you have, in many ways.  c4 is the first one down that looks like the next 20 or so and is the second smallest.  so its normal for the first few to look kinda funky in comparison.

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