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Unable to get help

I have been suffering for four years.  My problems began with dizziness, headaches, blurred vision, mild ringing in head.  Then over time I began to have terrible muscle spasms and neck pain.  I began by seeing an ENT when they put me in the dix-hallpike position it ellicited the same type dizziness so they stopped and sent me to a neuro to rule out vertebral insufficiency.  Since I had a history of migraines with aura they labeled  it migraines.  I then saw an otoneurologist.  He first gave me a diagnosis of dystonia.  After sending me to someone for botox and seeing me again almost in disgust he said, "Your no better than before".  He decided to rule out Chiari malformation which he did and re do the vestibular tests.  When the tech did the dix hallpike test, which he carried out all the way.  I had abnormal nystagmus not the kind with crystals in the ear.  He said the doctor would have to get to the bottom of it.  After calling him several times he finally called me back and rattled off the results.  Never saw him for 6 months!  The results were Interpretation: Abnormal neurovestibular test battery because of constant (non-paroxysmal)
oblique (rightward & upward beating) nystagmus in the head hanging right position; constant
(non-paroxysmal) mixed rightward beating and counterclockwise torsional nystagmus in the
head hanging left position; and prolonged rightward beating optokinetic after nystagmus.
These findings suggest a nonspecific vestibular disturbance without loss.
He labeled my condition Mal De DeBarquement and said come back when it goes away.  I see online on my chart it is labeled as a central vestibular disordered.  
I have continued to suffer from neck issues.  I was in a recent car accident and now my neck issues have gone from just mild discomfort and spasms to extreme pain.  I had a EMG that showed muscle membrane instability in a L C5,6 shoulder muscle as well as LC5,6 paraspinals.  No motor unit loss noted.  Nerve conduction normal L C5 or C6 radiculopathy.  C5-6 muscle guarding extreme spasms.  
Just had a new MRI shows.

C4-05: Degenerate disc disease with disc height loss and desiccation
shallow disc osteophyte complex measures 2 mm. No spinal canal stenosis.
Moderate to severe left neural foraminal stenosis secondary to
uncovertebral hypertrophy.
C5-C6: Moderate DDD. Disc osteophyte complex measures 2 mm. No
significant spinal canal stenosis. Mild bilateral neural foraminal
stenosis secondary to uncovertebral hypertrophy.
C6-C7: Mild DDD. Disc osteophyte complex measures 2 mm. No spinal canal
stenosis. Minimal right neural foraminal stenosis secondary to
uncovertebral hypertrophy.
C7-T1: There is no significant disc protrusion, spinal canal stenosis or
neural foraminal narrowing.
Multilevel degenerate spondylosis of cervical spine without high-grade
spinal canal stenosis. Multilevel bilateral neural foraminal stenosis,
including moderate to severe left C4-05 neural foraminal stenosis. Please
see above for level by level description

A CT that I had in the ER aft my accident in mid May showed: Severe left sided neural foraminal stenosis at C5-6.
I decided to try Prolotherapy out of state I have had three treatments and not getting any better.  They did a DMX motion xray that showed: Increased mobility at occipito-atlas joint.  hypermobility C1-2.  Damage to posterior longitudinal ligament is indicated by a widening of the posterior intervertebral disc space at C2-C3 and C3-C4. , anterior longitudinal ligament is indicated by a retrolisthesis at C2 on C3, C4 on C5, and C5 on C6 and anterior widening of the intervertebral disc space at C2-C3 and C3-C4.  Damage to the capsular ligament is indicated by gapping of the facet joing at C4-C5 on the left and C5-C6 on the left.  Damage to the capsular ligament is indicated by hypermobility of the facet joint atC4-C5 on the left and C5-C6 on the left.

Another big thing that the DMX xray showed that is also on other xrays, but no radiologist pointed out is a full ponticulous posticus unilaterally.  This is know to cause the symptoms I have.  It covered the groove that the vertebral artery lies in and can compress it leading to symptoms of vertebral insufficiency. It also goes by the names Kimmerle Anomaly and arcuate foramen. Heres a little blurb....
5.1. Arcuate Foramen
The vertebral artery is vulnerable to compression during
external rotation of head and neck as in the manipulation of
cervical spine. This situation may be aggravated by presence
of posterior or lateral bridge of the atlas and result in
compromised blood flow.

I have been having at the current time terrible blurred vision, mild headaches, just feeling out of it, terrible neck pain radiating down left shoulder and arm (which I am sure is from the pinched nerve)  I also have mid level thoracic pain I can't get my doctor to pay attention to.  My interventional pain medicine doctor has not offered me anything further at this time, but pain medication.  I get botox from another person in the practice every 3 months and I am on a migraine medication.  I have had nerve burns on the right side.  Been to PT numerous times, acupuncture, trigger point injections, occipital blocks, on and on.  I also have a left frozen shoulder that developed when a doctor in the practice did a steroid injection that got infected because of the left arm pain (which was probably from the pinched nerve we now know about).  MRI of shoulder only showed some mild tendonitis.

Sorry this is sooooo long, but as you can see I've been through a lot.  I am a nurse and had to quit my job two weeks ago due to the pain and dizziness lack of concentration.
Any insight or advice would be very welcomed.



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    hello mary

    no one on the spine-health patient forums is medically qualified to provide any advice or or recommendations on any diagnostic test. however, the following key words can always be applied.  

    mild treated with conservative measures such as physical therapy and mild medications. many times these situations can be cleared up and the condition can be resolved.

    moderate some more treatments may be needed, ie spinal injections, ultra sound and stronger medications. always a possibility of more aggressive treatment if the conservative measures don't help

    severe need for stronger medications. the requirement for surgery may be necessary

    please click on the link for useful information


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  • Welcome to the club. I wish we could help but sadly there's not much we can do here for you as this is not a medical community and no one here is qualified, or even allowed, to provide medical advice. I can only say though that we feel your pain and I think most of us with spinal issues have dealt with similar inaction and frustration regarding the medical community and how all the appointments and specialists in the world never seem to yield any results or relief, which can be very tough when dealing with a chronic condition that has a severe impact on our lives. My issues are just C5-6 and C6-7  nerve issues, a far cry from yours, so I can only imagine the frustration you must be dealing with.

    All I can say is stay on those doctors and make sure they understand that things are not improving and how much of an impact on your life this is all having. Don't hold back; the doctor can't feel what you fee, so you need to do all you can to make sure they understand the full nature of what you're dealing with.
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