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Looking for opinions please. I had ACDF 5/6 & 6/7 on 17th June. Everything went well. Was in a hard collar for 7 weeks. When I saw my NS at 7 weeks he was pleased with my progress and basically said I could go back to doing pretty much anything...including running!! Lifting he said to stick to 10kg. His words were "you can go bungy jumping or even play Rugby Union "...seriously?? I am so confused....the physiotherapist seems to think it's too soon for running .  I can't understand why my NS would be so blase about this. From everything I have read online, slowly is the way to go. I have no pain...slight stiffness in back of neck Your thoughts / experiences would be greatly appreciated!  :) 


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    i think that you are the second member to report this kind of early surgeon advice.  it seems like your surgeon may be focused on his bone repair, and not one the patient as a whole.  you probably have some muscle strengthening to do and nerves that need to heal.  that isn't all that inconsistent with his advice, it just seems like he could have spent more time discussing them and preparing you for the months of recovery that you may still be facing.

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    Thanks Bruce. 
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    I had a microdiscectomy.  At my 2 week follow up my doctor said I can return to my normal routine BUT listen to my body and do what I feel I can. I had to work my way back up to somewhat "normal" activity but I paced myself. Overdid it a few times but it all worked out. I am about 2.5 months post op (Can't believe it!) and doing pretty well. 100%? No, but pretty darn close.

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