How to make it as a Spiney.

One step at a time..

Carry on!


  • well, sometimes the steps are pretty small and they're more of a hobble, but never give up and never give in.
    We should write "12 steps" for dealing with chronic pain. everyone else has them, why shouldn't we? (there is some group on the internet called  "chronic pain anonymous"  but their 12 steps are just a rehash of the original AA ones. 
    Anyone in?
  • I'd love to see something like this!
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  • Pain managment is a Process for one.

    Learning to live with it
    Function with it
    Learning about that backwards

    Learning how to communicate\talk to your doctor in non emotionaly driven terms about your pain

    Managing the Modes.

    Medicine home and what prescribed

    Not everyone is equipped to handle pain emotionally.
    B.theraputic stage
    C. Chronic pain stage

    Church,or other organization
    A.seeking councel with traditional operator
    B. Relying on experience
    C. Social support

    Taking care of yourself
    A. Ongoing excersizes
    B. Work\home\social habits
    C. Sleep managment.

    Mind\\Body\Spirit are inextricably intertwined.
    Once out of balance a new center must be established.

    "The Blend"
    Sleep depravation must be addressed.
    Constant backround pain must be addressed
    Mobility limits
    Lifestyle limits
    Dietary limits..opiates play hell with the lower digestive process..poopie issues are important.

    The loss of...
    Self image because of...

    Self Motivation
    Following advice

    Finding a New Center
    Lifestyle Changes

    A very important issue is support.
    Often it goes away or has been non existent.

    Coping with hostile psychsocial issues due to ongoing pain.
    Self motivation
    Self image when there is none

    Pain is inevitable...many live in a state of if this is only temporary and an inconvenience...
    A.wont change lifestyle to quit hurting themselves

    THIS is where the Stages of Grief are..

    End of Part 1.

  • Part 2.

    The 5 or 7 stages are gone through here
    In a complex jumble of emotional,spiritual and physical turmoil. optional.
    A.Recognizing suffering
        a.1. Coping
    B. What to do with stages
    Grief,anger,frustration,barganing etc

    Recognizing what your going through
    Acknowledging your going through
    Moving on

    Offer stories here
    This is not a fairy tail.
    Not everyone lives happy ever after
    But they do live with themselves,in the world...

    Thats a small humble synopsis...there is more..
    Pretty sure 12 steps are there
    But this is a Human Condition
    There is always more to the story.

    Life ex\inexperience

    This is a process..not a destination with waypoints and milestones. a dangerous perception..I have beat this!!! Then you sneeze ...

    Youll recognize you have progressed
  • HAH! 10 laps around the track (about 2500 yards) at the whopping speed of 4.15 kph. I even managed 3 laps without a cane before my leg went numb and I had to pick it up again.
    William- come on out here- its only 92 degrees F. 
    I look back at my post from Aug17, when I asked for instructions on how to get out of bed despite the pain, I'm like "wow".
    Hope I didn't overdo it - but I ain't gonna give in. Not in my lexicon.
    Thanks for  all the support, have a good weekend.
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  • Thats in the Plans
    Long term..
    the Via Francigena.
    First the GR 65
  • The way of ST James?
  • At 1200 km and 90 day schengen visa, its around 13 km a day..
    64 sleeps and a day approx for the GT 65
    Geneva to Finesterre.

    The Francigena goes from Canterbury(i think) to Rome, then one hop over toward Isreal.
    That would be book worthy

  • dazc said:
    The way of ST James?
    Yes Sir.many routes.
    The original..traditional,is St.John Pied de Port
    500 miles.
    The route ill realistically attempt 1st

    It is there
    I am Spiney..
  • Its a process in itself to come to a,place where you can look in the mirror again
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