Cervical ACDF + Broken Screws/Bone Fusion Failed

i've been having quite a bit of complications with previous acdf surgeries.  i've had 3 so far.   my neck is fused from c4-5, c5-6, and c6-7.  on the lowest level fusion, 2 screws broke.  the x-ray report also states that the fusion failed.  this is the second report in a year that has stated this.  

the pain has increased significantly and i'm practically bedridden.  i'm typing this while lying on my bed, if i sit up for any period of time i have to deal with much more pain.  the pain coincidentally started right before i asked for the first x-ray/test because the pain seemed to be increasing rather than decreasing like it should.  in my mind there's a correlation but the doctor insists that the broken screws shouldn't be the cause.

what i'm asking or looking for is what is the probability that this is the cause of the increased pain?  has anyone experienced this before, was the this the direct cause of any issues?  what can i do if no other doctors in the area will give a second opinion?  i live in hawaii so no other neurosurgeon wants to examine a patient that has existing surgeries.  



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    What does your current surgeon say about this?  What are those screws doing, as in what happened to the plate that they should have been holding?

    Have you tried Orthopedic Surgeons?  There must be one who will take on fixing what your picture shows.
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  • I'm definitely NOT a doctor but how in the H-E- double hockey stick can that NOT cause pain? That makes my neck hurt more just looking at it! Bruce has a major point... where are the plates that the screws are supposed to be holding? Almost looks like a liability issue here if they don't fix it either way. JMO
  • Sorry for the extremely late reply, I've been dealing with some other issues. I got diagnosed with MS not too long after this.

    But for this was my 3rd surgery so they're trying to go conservative...which drives me crazy. I'm not sure about the plate? It's been pretty much hell so yah it does hurt haha. I know from the last xray the tech said the separation increased so it's slow moving apart from each other. The NS keeps saying nothing is wrong and it shouldn't be the cause of the pain. He thinks I'm just going to have to suffer with the pain...just a byproduct of surgery. My pain management doctor wants me to go to the CA or somewhere on the mainland to try and get a revision...but this costs money. I was offered 6k from State Farm as a settlement. The legal process is a long one. Hopefully I hear from it soon so I have a chance at normalizing my life again.

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