Does weather affect your pain and/or discomfort level? 


  • Cold weather especially.
    Have to wear my farmer insulated gloves.
    Oooooohhhhh the warmth!
  • At the moment (11 weeks post-op acdf) I struggle with the wind - if it's really windy (like this week) it hurts my neck to walk outside. It must be the posture leaning into the wind or something...
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  • Since  my surgery, my body temperature regulator in the heat, seems to have been disconnected!!!  Wet hair and face seems to be the norm and definitely not something I like.

    You mention the wind nz1025 and I do not go out now if windy as I do not have the ability to stand against the wind without extreme pain in my lumbar and neck

  • Thank you for your replies everyone. 

    I feel discomfort/pain in my bones/body especially before raining. I HATE overcast days.  :s
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