Did your surgery turn your life positively, negatively, or same?

I would appreciated it, if you would reply with what kind of surgery you had and how long it's been as well. Thanks!


  • Sheri76Sheri76 Michigan Posts: 266
    L4-5 fusion March 2015 for spondylolisthesis...couldn't tolerate the pain while working any longer (tried for 2 years, but progressively got worse).

    The fusion took care of the sciatic pain (had only had it on the right side), but the surgery itself took a toll on my body. My recovery is seemingly taking forever, with most of the pain now on the left side.

    I had to take an early retirement (I'm "only" almost 58 ; )  I would have to say my fusion has been a wash....but seems more on the negative than positive side. I say that mainly because I had the fusion in hopes to help me continue working a few years longer at the physically demanding job I had, then retire from that to doing something less taxing on my body. But as it turns out I'm still not able to do much of anything, yet. 

    I could try a SCS in hopes that it would disrupt the pain signals to my brain, but masking pain by that method, or by an increase of pain medication seems like such a viscious cycle. So I'll do what I can for as long as I can tolerate the doing....
  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,340

    ACDF in Dec 2013 and Oct 2015.  Outcome is very positive.

    Read  my story by following the link in my signature. (mono-k, I think that you have read it already, but for others)

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  • Thank you for sharing your stories.
  • I had a PLIF at L4-L5 on May 3rd.  I am a 40 year old woman and had DDD...the surgeon said when he got in there he discovered that my disc was "toast" and completely disintegrated.  The surgery was an absolute MIRACLE for me.  I had been off work for 5 months prior to the surgery.  Recovery was pretty quick and easy for me (after the first 2 weeks!), and I went back to work (I'm a teacher) in mid August and most days I don't even remember that anything happened to me until someone asks me how I'm doing!!!  
  • rkeyrrkey Freeman Spur Il.Posts: 26
    Aug. 2014 - l4/l5 micro' d/ laminectomy= compleate relief of sciatica pain

    July 2015 - l4/l5 micro'd/hemilaminectomy = compleate 're of sciatica but constant low back pain

    March 2016 - l4/l5 open TLIF fusion with hardware = relief from sciatica but still comes and goes. My left foot doesnt really work right anymore an kinda flops around, and constant low back pain around a 5 or 6. And if i sit too long both feet go numb. All in all its still better than dragging my leg around and having constant sciatica.  Lol
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  • smartens162smartens162 Manitoba, CanadaPosts: 361
    I had my discectomy surgery in December 2014.  The surgery did put an end to the horrible nerve pain I had been dealing with since 9 months earlier, although not immediately.  Prior to surgery, I could barely walk, sit, stand because of the pain.  Immediately after surgery, I was able to walk again; within a few weeks I was walking 2 miles with no problems.  I re-herniated nearly a year after surgery.  I have recovered somewhat  since then with conservative measures, but I am waiting to consult with my neurosurgeon to see what might be next.  I live with the pain, but it still is not as bad as it was prior to my surgery.  I am  hoping to turn this around yet, so I'm hoping this 'summary' will have more positive things added in the future :)  I am not sorry, however, that I went with the discectomy in the first place.
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