C5-7 ACDF in 1 week but. .

mgunthermmgunther Lake Hopatcong, NJPosts: 12
Hi everyone - i know i brought this up before - but wanted to see if anyone had the same happen to them.

I am 7 days away from surgery.  i  have stopped most activity - baseball, fishing yard work - and that helped.  Still have pain turning head, bending back.  It comes and goes.  One day - down arm worse than other movements.

Just getting nervous before surgery.  Doc said i needed it done.  MRI does not lie.  (large herniation, impingment on cord, severe stenosis).  I was also told - that the pain can come back if i start activities again (but that is what surgery is for - to get me back there)

Any words of encouragement? any one else go through this?  




  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,340

    Congratulations on the upcoming surgery.  Good Luck.

    It is not all that unusual for symptoms to come and go, especially with changes in activity.  If you need to remind yourself what the pain was like, go do some yard work - no don't really do that!

    If you haven't read my story, you may want to.  Follow the link below in my signature.  I am much better now - I still can't play baseball, but then again I couldn't before either, no hand eye coordination.  But I can play golf again, and yesterday was up on my roof doing some work.
  • mgunthermmgunther Lake Hopatcong, NJPosts: 12
    Thanks Bruce.  I know you and I have gone back and forth. 

    There was a point where i couldnt write, throw the ball back - everything keeps "changing"  

    Almost to a point of questioning surgery - but then again - we go to doctors for a reason / seeing large / severe and even adjacent issues happening makes me know surgery is the right thing.

    Appreciate the support.
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  • My symptoms have come and gone and come again, but no surgery yet for me. Mine started in early June, was really bad throughout June, improved in July and then mid-August I seem to have relapsed. They've decided to try oral steroids again, but a 15 day regiment this time instead of the 5 or 6 day regiment they had me do before. We'll see how this goes.
  • mgunthermmgunther Lake Hopatcong, NJPosts: 12
    hi TJB - 

    mine started in march - were really bad.  did all sorts of medications - but could not do much.  Always had to stop.  With my kids, me coaching sports and participating - made life hell.  Now im down to doing nothing and just dealing.

    My decision was when my doc (conservative from the start) said "wow this is bad" when reading the MRI.  Cord compression and nerve issues - guess not something to mess with.   Nor is it something that will just go-away :-( 

  • hey mgunther

    I am right there with you.  I am having surgery in couple weeks.  acdf two level.  I fought it for a few years.  Believe me you will lose.  I am ready for surgery.  I am not nervous or anxious about it at all now.  It is just another step in my life I have to take.  I am so tired of hurting all the time.  I am tired of takings all kinds of meds.  I am hope all of us on SH will have a great recovery. 

    I have stocked up on movies I want to watch and soft foods for the early days.  I have ample thinks lined up to keep me busy for a few months.  Not physical things, fun things I can do in cervical collar.  Good luck


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  • momo-kmmomo-k Posts: 99
    edited 09/12/2016 - 9:17 PM
    OMG! I can so relate to your story. I also am having a very difficult time deciding if I should go for a surgery or not. I was told that a surgery (c6 corpectomy c5-c7 anterior cervical fusion) is a necessity, but is not urgent.

    I have good days and bad days. It has been so difficult to commit on a surgery especially when I have good days. it makes me want to think/believe that it is ok to wait till it gets worse. But then... I am finding out that once more damages are done to my spinal cord, there are no going back. BUT here I am still debating with myself should I do it...

    Good Luck! 
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