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Hi all,
Any reassurance/help would be most appreciated.

I had an LP as part of a research study (I don't have any neurological or spine illness) 9 days ago. The next day, I forced myself to go to work and it was excruciating. The day after that, I went to the ER and got a blood patch which helped a lot. However, after that I went away for the weekend and had most of the symptoms returned - the worst symptoms (headache in my face, around my eyes, back of my head) were in the car ride (I also have motion sickness). 

4 days ago (Monday) I returned to the ER and got a second blood patch. The agonizing part of my headache symptoms are gone but I still don't feel 100%. Sometimes it feels like I have too much pressure in my head, like my ears/sinuses are clogged and then I get a headache on top of my head. Last night, I had a severe headache right on the top of my head and have some pain there now. That pain was not relieved by lying down. 

My questions are:
Has this happened to anyone else? Do you think they are high pressure headaches? Does it just take a while for my spine/brain to normalize?
Also, I had acupuncture 2x in the past week but it didn't seem to work any miracles.
Any suggestions re: treatment, including alternative treatments would be most helpful.

Thank you!



  • I've heard about blood patches never did one before, I am curios to see what others have to say. 
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  • I went to a neurologist that specializes in headaches- he said since I have motion sickness I have a sensitive vestibular system. Also- he said that these type of headaches are almost like a post-concussive syndrome. They will go away slowly.

    I will say that I continue to improve but I still get pressure/pain in my ears and a headache now and then. There seem to be others that take 2 months to fully recover. I'm still hoping that others will respond on this site! 
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    Sorry to hear of your pain still. Do you normally get pressure pain headaches from the weather or your sinuses?

    Ive only had one LP when I had a myelogram many years ago, and I did have to go back in after several days for a blood patch, which did solve the problem. I'm sure I had to lay low for a few days after the patch, but I don't recall any lingering side effects.

    If it was me, I'd be contacting the place where you were involved in the study, it would seem like they would want to know, and hopefully be helpful in getting you to feeling better.
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