How to manage my daily pain

HI all

These are some of my techniques I use to deal with daily chronic pain. 

I have leaned not to eat food when I first awaken.  Why you might ask?  Pain meds are more quickly absorbed on an empty stomach.  I wait until my pain starts to calm down then I may eat something.  I have cervical issues so I usually take a pain pill and muscle relaxer at the same time.  Now sometimes this process hits a snag.  If I develop a headache after taking my pain pill and muscle relaxer then I have to take a Headache prescription strength pill.  Now that combined with my other two pills will ruin my just started day by making me extremely sleepy.  I usually have a fifty percent chance of getting it right!!!

Now I can plan my day but wait....I can rarely makes plans ahead of time because who knows how I will be feeling.  I know you all can relate to this.  My wife says " lets go shopping all day, you can carry all my heavy bags"  After a few stores  I am looking for water guessed it, something  to take my pain meds with.  I start looking at my watch, surely we have been at this for four hours, but its really only been thirty minutes.  I am ready for my ice bag.  As you can guess, making plans with chronic pain is near impossible.  I never know how I will be feeling and when I do feel ok, who knows for how long.  I ask my wife," can we do somethings less physical"  She replies "lets go to a movie".

We go to the movie theater, get popcorn and drink get seated and then....My neck starts hurting again.  I look at the time thinking this movie must be over by now.  Its only been about thirty minutes.  I don't know about everyone else but when I am hurting I cant sit still.  Here I am twisting turning in my seat.  I finally get up and walk to lobby and you guessed it, take a pain pill.  I get back in, sit down and my wife asks me are you alright?  Of course I am my dear loving wife, could you take out your finger nail file and perform a two level discectomy for me please!!!  My point being I think we all have different techniques that get us through our day. 

How about the rest of my SH fellow sufferers, I would love to hear how you all cope with your daily routines.  I might even learn a thing or two.




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    hello Kimmy,

    I can tell real people in chronic pain by way they describe their day.  Not to judge anyone but I think this pattern is evident in all people who suffer over  a long period of time.  I agree it is so hard to tell what kind of a day you are going to have because pain levels spike up and down daily and weekly.  I have not had any luck with long acting pain meds.  I tried a few but they either made me sick or did not work.  I take hydromorphone short acting so I thought exalgo would be ideal for me for long acting.  I was wrong, it did nothing and I don't know why.

    I am having my two level acdf in two weeks and am actually looking forward to this hoping to get a reduction in pain with a corresponding reduction in pain meds.  Ron I know you have multiple problems that required multiple surgeries and its amazing you are able to stay focused on SH helping others.  Unfortunately the last six months I have been dealing with lower back pain also.  I had mri which showed another herniated disc at L5-S1.  Now I am worried I will need lumbar fustion as well someday.  I am so happy to have you all here at SH to help me through this but most of all someone who understands what this is all about. 

    I need to get my mind around the fact that these issues are my new normal and to adjust myself to them.  I have decided I need to slow down and not push myself so hard.  I worry that we chronic pain sufferers will lose part of our ability to handle chronic pain.  By this I mean the limiting or elimination of pain meds.  I believe in the total all around process of using all available means to reduce pain.  But lets face the fact that pain meds are a large piece of the puzzle in controlling pain.  Thanks for your support.


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  • xerxes501xxerxes501 New YorkPosts: 9
    This sounds very similar to my days.  I have 4 bulging discs, c4-c7, and have been through too many epidurals, facet blocks, and RFA.  It's been two years since the accident and while I do believe my pain has changed, it is still omnipresent in my life.  Like you, I too love hourly by the pain meds that guide my daily actions.  Forget it if there is rainy weather, all I can die is great pain and lay down.  and th humidity where I live in ny blows my pain off th scales.  We just had a heat wave and I could not leave my couch in the ac.  My upper back along my shoulders and along my spine felt like they were on fire for 2 weeks.  I'm coming up on another round of diagnostic tests to see what the issue still is.  Ironically after my dual cervical RFA the right side seemed better, while the left side seemed worse and continues to lock up even after more steroids and procedures.  The woes part is that I used to be physically active with my 3 young kids.  Now I'm lucky I can be on my feet to cook dinner.  Even with my meds a decent nights sleep is elusive.  
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    hello xerxes501 !
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  • amen xerxes,

    I am lucky to get two hours sleep before I have to get up out of bed, move my neck around and sit with ice bag.  My cervical issues cause great pain in my left shoulder blade.  When I lie down in two hours or less I get stabbing pain in my left should blade and bicep.  I miss my sleep so I take multiple naps whenever I can take them.


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