Medication question. Please Help

So I have Scoliosis with S1 and SI damage.  I take Norco 10mg 3x a day.  I saw my doctor last thursdayand he wrote me a script for two weeks since I was going to see him monday (5 days later).  
So that monday he writes me a script for 90 norco 10mg (3x daily).  I wont see him for another 3 weeks so he went ahead and gave me that months worth.  I told him I was worse in the last several days and was using more since I had them and I had leftover from a previous script (from him) .  
He didn't change the dosage, just gave me a months worth.  
I know if i try to fill this red flags will pop up everywhere.  
So I have a 2 week prescription that is 9 days old (counting the fill day and today), whats the earliest I could fill this?  I would go on the 14th day (wednesday) normally when refilling.  BUT I am hurting pretty bad and don't want to be suffering through the weekend if I don't have to be.  I know the pharmacy will sometimes fill 3 days early on a month script.  But this is a 2 week one rather than a month one.  
I use a local pharmacy that isnt open on the weekends.  They know me and I believe have filled early for me before because of our relationship.
Any advice is much appreciated.


  • It's a controlled substance. If the "days supply" is 14 days, you have to wait 14 days to fill it, legally they can't fill it early. If the "days supply" is 30 days, sometimes they'll fill it at 28 (the earliest allowed) at the discretion of the pharmacist. 
  • TheHammerTTheHammer Opelika, ALPosts: 3
    Thanks for the response.  I'm not used to having these shorter scripts.  I knew i could usually fill on that 29th day without issue. 
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  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 3,356
    My pharmacy knows me, also, but would never fill narcotic before exact timing of refill.

    Sometimes I keep script to hand in when due. Sometimes I give to pharmacy and they fill and text me the minute it can be filled.
  • maehaleymaehaley PennsylvaniaPosts: 249
    My experience is that it is determined by my insurance company as to when I can refill my prescriptions. Usually two to three days in advance is fine.
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