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For over a year, I've had severe right upper extremity pain. Mosty in my right shoulder with radiating pain down arm. First surgery was done to repair shoulder socket which required anchors.  Second surgery ACDF at C6/7.  Symptoms returned with a vengeance with mind numbing tinnitus . EMG shows chronic c6/7 damage while recent MRI revealed severe stenosis at c3/4 and right foraminal stenosis at c5/6. Symptoms include severe shoulder pain radiating to pinky side of hands, tinnitus, shortness of breath, occipital fullness. Dr. wants to operate on c8. I'm so frustrated with the surgeon that I'm ready to give up.  I can't sleep, go out, or function due to the pain. Do I  keep chipping away with surgeries until the source is found or give in to a pain pump.  Life is bleak. 


  • I am so sorry you are suffering. Is there any way you can find another doctor?
  • I would consider maybe getting a second opinion as well. I'm also confused why he wants to operate on C8 when you didn't mention anything about a C8 issue in your text.
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  • tjb113 said:

     I'm also confused why he wants to operate on C8 when you didn't mention anything about a C8 issue in your text.

    C8 affects the pinky, so there is a possible C8 issue.

    The original poster mentions right foraminal stenosis at c5/6 and shoulder pain.  C5-C6 definitely affects the shoulder.  I have severe left foraminal stenosis at C5-C6 and guess what, my left shoulder hurts (my right shoulder is just fine).  I recently had left shoulder surgery, which helped a lot, but I have residual pain, especially in my scapula, and I believe it is neck related.
    C6-C7 ACDF - January 20, 2016
    Shoulder surgery - August 2, 2016
    Interlaminar laminotomy, mesial facetectomy and foraminotomy bilateral at C5-C6 and unilateral left at C6-C7 and bilateral C6-C7 facet fusion - December 7, 2016

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