[Duplicate] ? on how the fusion is progressing with imaging

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After a 360 fusion, or any fusion for that matter-how does the Dr tell if the fusion is starting, progressing, etc ?  

What kind of imaging would show this or again how can they tell ?  


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    I have yet to have my fusion done, but my surgeon told me they will check by xray or CT at 6 weeks post surgery, and again at 6 months and 12 months as again every year after that for at least 5 years....your surgeon/doctor can tell you exactly what they will do in your case.  it's easy on xrays and CTs to see healing bone, and bone growth.  bones are whitish on these images, and where bone is actively growing is brighter white...if they use bone chips along the sides/back of the spine or in the cages if they replace discs, they will be able to see the chips and see if the edges are extending over time with the imaging.  i hear that they don't commonly look by MRI because the hardware distorts the images too much, so most look with xray (CT is just a big 3D xray). 
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    this is a duplicate discussion, see fusion progressing? how to tell ?  to discuss it more.
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