m6-c 7 months on...

Hello all,

It's been an interesting steady 7 months, apart from one slip. Back on track and I must say I feel fantastic. Fitness is getting back to normal.
Rest and strength building, it's very hard but working. A good diet and keep good form / stature.
My arm, hands, shoulders, chest, left leg, neck pain and migraines !!!!!! have all gone.

I'm going to next update in the new year.

Good luck all!!


  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,340

    That is great news, thanks for sharing your update!
  • Great to hear. I'm 3 months in with my C7 issues and I seriously envy you in that your condition is improving. I can only hope when I hit 7 months I can start to see some improvement.
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  • Hi, maybe I should clarify, apologies if I have read your comment incorrectly.

    A M6-c is a titanium polymer implant. I had it done after 10 months after my c6 hernia. The initial pain as all have had and go through is difficult to explain to those who have never had it.

    I am extremely thankful to the procedure and implant.

    I'm an engineer and read up for months before I made my choice of 'fix'.
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