Anterior Cervical Multifusion Questions

My surgery is scheduled for next week I have a few questions (I thought of after leaving the dr office--of course).
  • Will osteoporosis make healing longer? Any other effect? (I have -1.4 and -2.9 t scores)
  • Should I expect full mobility after surgery?
  • Has anyone had anterior cervical fusions that  can tell me if you still have pain after surgery (I know everyone is different)
  • I need to wear the neck brace 6 weeks and a bone growth color a few hours each day. Sounds pretty uncomfortable. Do you get used to it? 
  • What condition can I expect after the brace comes off? I moved in with a friend who is now my caregiver (my husband is an very sick amputee that cannot help me). 
  • Do multilevel fusions mean a longer recovery overall than for a one-level fusion?
Thank you so much.



  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
    I have never been a candidate for surgery....
    but I wanted to point out, if you use search, upper right on page to find..... Recovery the Most Important Phase...and ....Post op Must Haves.... you may find them to contain very helpful information
  • robinflrrobinfl Merritt Island FLPosts: 39
    Thank you.
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