Pregnancy and chronic pain, new pain pump

IamSamIIamSam PittsburghPosts: 4
So, I'm Samantha. I'm new to this site. Basically I have been suffering with chronic pain for five years. I have had two cervical fusions, developed nerve damage and crippling fibromyalgia and have tried just about everything to get relief. I have been going through the intrathecal pain pump process, stupid insurance, for about a year. I am now 34 years old. Good news, I am getting the pump next week. The trial went really well and I am excited to possibly get a little Of my life back. Yay!
Question is have any of you who have the pump had a baby? I have conflicting reviews on the matter and frankly there is almost no data on the subject. Anything would be helpful. 

Also and ladies who dealt with chronic pain and pregnancy I would love some advice and insight. 

Thank you and gentle hugs to you all. 


  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
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    hello iamsam !
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  • SpineAZSpineAZ WiscPosts: 1,052
    Given my spine issues hubby and I decided not to have kids.  For me,  with lumbar and cervical spine issues, the idea of pregnancy was not encouraged by any of my doctors.  
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  • Hi Samantha my lumbar issues started two years after my last child was born and I struggled with bath times and certain things with the children but your problems are cervical so best you ask next week. Make a little list to ask during your pre-op consultation. Only a professional can advise on that.

    If you have no lumbar issues they may consider it a possibility but I think my main concern would be the affects of medication on the baby.
  • LarnersourLLarnersour Los Angeles, CAPosts: 52
    Oh i imagine how hard it this. . i have a friend she have had the same thing and it's really hard to pass over. Hope soon you'll feel better!
  • Good luck with your pump Samantha
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  • MikethepikeMMikethepike MIchiganPosts: 382
    So. Sam,
    How are you doing with the pump? 
    Hopefully everything went well.
    Drop us a note let us know
        God. Bless 
  • IamSamIIamSam PittsburghPosts: 4
    Thanks for all the replys. Pump surgery went very well. Unfortunately Monday a sprung a spinal fluid leak. It didn't get better so my surgeon sewed my incision very tightly hoping that the pressure would help my spinal column heal itself. 
    24+ hrs later I am in more pain now than after my surgery. Trying not to give and stay positive. It just seems like every time something good happens (very low pain after surgery this time) something really bad happens. 

           -feeling so down :(
  • It must have been lovely to have the low pain Samantha and that will come back.  So sorry about the spinal fluid leak and the awful pain you are suffering.  I hope they are able to resolve that over the next few days and things start to improve for you.

    try not to lose heart, you have dealt with the surgery which is brilliant and this time next week your current problem should be at the end rather than the beginning

    Hea;ling hugs
  • memerainboltmemerainbolt IndianaPosts: 3,386
    I am in the process of a pain pump, see the surgeon in a few weeks for the consult. I have a notebook full of questions and concerns but would really appreciate a few questions answered, if you don't mind (good or bad).
    What size is your pump ? What meds are being used in the pump? Do you have breakthrough meds? Was your trial done at a 1-2 day stay in the hospital? I've asked these questions previously but never got any replies. 
    Hope you get relief soon and stay positive.
  • IamSamIIamSam PittsburghPosts: 4
    I have the smaller snychromed 2. I haven't had meds put in yet, still saline, but I will have diluadid put in mine as I am allergic to morphine. 

    My my trial was done over a weeks time. I went in to see my pain Dr Wednesday and got diluadid shot in my intrathecal space. Then went back Friday for the same thing at a higher amount. I was supposed to do it again that Monday but Friday went so well I didn't need too. I got a ton of pain relief. It was almost surreal. No hospitals for me during testing at all. Just a tiny shot into my spine with the help a fluoroscope. 

    You can message me privately if you want to ask more questions. I don't mind at all. I usually get back in a day or two. 

    The trial was amazing for me. I just had to hang out in the office for awhile to make sure I didn't have a reaction. 

    The surgery was pretty easy too. I was expecting was worse. I have had my appendix out and my gallbladder. Two separate surgeries. They were way worse for me. Way worse. 

    I think that is it. Make sure you get an abdominal binder too. Helped me a ton. Makes sleeping much more comfortable. 

    I am still in quite a bit of pain. Hoping it subsides soon. No external leaking though. Win I guess. 

    How old are you? I'm 34. Haven't found many people my age that get these for pain. 

    Keep me posted. 
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