Seven Herniated Disks / Surgery Postponed

robinflrrobinfl Merritt Island FLPosts: 39
my lumbar mri came back this week and i have 3 herniated disk to go with the 4 cervial herniations. anyone else have this many?  (do i win a prize?lol)

 praying for someone with knowledge to see this and give me some ideas. 

my back has hurt of 10 years+ and i always thought i was just overdoing it (i have 9 children). about 5 years ago i was working at a desk 10 hours a day but started going to work in bed more and more on my side because if the back pain (typing on a laptop sideways in bed) 2 years ago i could only work at a desk about 2 hours the rest of the day 10 to 16 hours (in-between cooking and cleaning) i typed sideways in bed. it is my theory this caused the four herniated disks in my neck. 

last year i found out i have severe osteoporosis  (-2.9 lumbar and -1.4 in my neck). a very minor car accident in march cause the pain in my neck i went to 2 chiropractors for 
months while the pain got worse so bad i could not function at all and finally bedridden.  a cervical  mri in june and started the usual epidurals, physical therapy etc. still going down hill. in july i  moved out of my home in with a friend (so i'm not even tempted to care for my hubby and two youngest sons still at home).

mri results

cervical herniated disk c3-4, c5-6, c6-7, c7-t1 stenosis
lumbar: herniated disk l5-s1, l4-5, l3-4  stenosis

my pain is worse daily. at first it was 80% neck and back 20% right arm. now it is 60% right arm and hand. its like the top 1/2 inch is numb with pinned and needles with achy pain deep underneath.  now the left arm is having pins and needles. my right leg has some numbness and pin and needles (why i asked for the lumbar mri). 
brand new this week: muscle spams-like charlie horses in my upper, lower arms and calfs. fun.

i had 2 epidurals that worked less than a week each.  i have consistent pain not resolved with percoset so now i have a fentanyl pain patch with percocet for break throughs. i stay packed in ice much of the day rotating every 15 minutes (i have 8 ice packs and usually need 5 at a time).  i can still work a few hours a day.
i started on a muscle relaxer today: tizanidine 3x day. i am worried i won't be able to work at all on muscle relaxer. 

acdf surgery sept 21
surgery was planned for sep 7 (next wed) but my insurance is make the dr jump through hoops so re-scheuldled for sept 21. 
my surgeon specialists in laser removing only disk tissue that oozed out-- but  i was told it was impossible in my situation. c-7 to t1 is very rare  so he will cut (acdf) and he said there is only a 75% chance he can fuse it. he may have to close me back up and go in through the back later. 

my surgeon said nerve blocks will not work and i am not a candidate for artificial disc replacements. 

non-surgal alternatives

i  love to do something alternative other than fusions but my doctor says the tissue from c7-t1 is huge and pressing on the spinal cord. he called the other herniations normal size  but the c7-t1 humongous showed me the mri. i looked at other mri on the internet and didn't see any as big as this one so i assume it is humongous. 

 i have changed habits to the point of moving from my home doing the following daily.
  • 3 x daily bone broth
  • 2 x daily msm drinks
  • 2 x daily green smoothies vegetables and collagen
  • 2 x daily apple cider vinegar drink
  • 2x daily dolden milk (numeric powder, coconut oil, pepper, almond milk)
  • no precessed foods, only organic vegetables and clean meats
  • trying healing oils topical and diffused. 
i have no idea if these are enough changes for my body to heal itself but i heard 90% of herniation can heal themselves if you give your body the chance. 
also go to pt 2x a week and do exercises at home but the pain is almost too bad to do the exercises now. 
my question: do surgeons use the paralysis as a scare tactic? i would like a 2nd opinion but haven't found a spine doctor available before october. 


  • LizLiz Posts: 2,263
    Reminder to all members

    Warning: Before you try any supplement, herb, over the counter item, exercise program, mechanical aid, brace, etc always consult with your doctor to make sure you get their approval. Some of these products may be very effective, but no two individuals or medical conditions are alike. What works for one, may cause trouble for another..  
  • MagistraMarlaMMagistraMarla San Antonio, TexasPosts: 78
    I'm so sorry that your surgery had to be delayed.  It sounds like you are at the point that the pain is so unbearable that the surgery is necessary.  That being said, if you feel the least bit unsure about your surgeon, insist upon a second opinion.  I'm kicking myself for blindly agreeing to everything that mine said.  I was uncomfortable with him because every time that my husband was with me for an appointment, he answered all questions, but when I went alone, he would answer his phone and hurry into the hall before I could ask a single question.
    My fusion failed, and my new surgeon has found several things that the previous one missed completely. (I think because he wouldn't listen to me).
    If you trust your surgeon, and feel ready for the recovery, go for it.
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  • robinflrrobinfl Merritt Island FLPosts: 39
    So sorry you had a rough time. How sad. I do trust my surgeon (because of all the rave reviews online and letters in his office and patients I met) Thank you

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