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Only 1 1/2 weeks since surgery

Hello all,
I'm just a week and a half since c6/ c7 acdf surgery. The first 2 days post op were relatively pain free except for the throat business. Had gotten off all pain meds only to find myself experiencing growing pain in my right shoulder and no strength in my right arm. Sound familiar? 
Back on Oxycodone and getting a strongarmed lesson in patients (pun intended ).  I've read some discussions that are long since closed and would like to know how folks are doing 6 months later and longer. 
Thanks lovely people!


  • I had my ACDF five months ago as of today. I still have the strangling and choking stuff. Muscle spasms in my neck, migraines never stopped. 

    My arm is different than most people in the sense that I have CRPS. I will say that for me not much has changed since surgery, but with my nerve damage I was told about this prior to my surgery. I do have feeling in my pinkie finger where before surgery it was absolutely numb. 
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