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To preface- we have no insurance and I have no ability to see a doctor at this time.  It is my hope this changes in a couple of months.  I'm obviously not seeking a dx online but wouldn't mind not feeling "crazy" right about now.

My neck has been in pain, daily, since April 28th, 2016.  No incident occurred barring the fact I've been under a lot of stress/anxiety from losing my mom in Nov. 2014 (I am taking no medicine other than ibuprofen and tylenol).  Up to April 28th, I had experienced some pain in my left shoulder blade and tingling in my arms (not daily- just occasionally).... This all starting after I had lost my mom.  I had to lift her several times while she was in hospice (the only thing I can think I could have caused any issues).  I don't recollect a simple point of any of my pain starting except after my mom passed and of course this recent neck pain. 

Anyway, it's upper right hand neck pain near my right hairline. It radiates over my mastoid area, behind my rightear, over my ear, behind my right eye, sometimes in my right jaw area and throat area.  It's daily.  Some days feel less painful than others... But it's always there.   It hurts to turn my head to the right - almost like the worst "crick in the neck" I've experienced.  Some days it feels like it's just hard to keep my head up.

I did a free consultation with a Chiro and he ran some piece of equipment up and down my neck noting that my right side was favored (I knew that going in).  Couldn't afford him, so nothing was pursued.

In the most general sense- does this sound like my cervical area?   



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    Although none of us are medical professionals, what your describing does sound to me like some type of cervical/nerve issue maybe. There are a lot of great articles on this site about different types of neck pain and symptoms. Like I said, that is just my opinion. You have no access to any type of healthcare? That must be difficult! Sorry about your mom as well, I'm sure that was hard.
  • It doesn't necessarily have to be from lifting anything heavy that triggered it. Often times these cervical issues are just degradation over time and simply eventually start to give you issues when they reach a certain point. Stress can make you more susceptible as well since your muscles tend to tighten up and that can impact posture or further irritate everything. In the end you're going to need to see a doctor and have them determine the problem as all we can tell you is if it does or does not sound similar to what we experience.
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  • Towanda, I feel for you hon.  You are tough.  I just had my first episode early August.  I was fortunate enough to be able to go to a doctor.  Luckily I had found this sight and was able to convince my second doctor I did not have just a muscle strain.  Another girl on another site used a tumeric formula with bromelain and boswellia and a book called something like heal your own neck pain. Those things helped me a lot too.  She took a large dose.  I am down to 2 pills 3 times a day with a little coconut oil and a grind of pepper to make it more bio available.  I rarely take any other pain medication now.  So far anyway.  I am not to the stage many are here. I have grade 1 anterlisthesis, C2 on C3, C4 on C5 and C5 on C6.  Moderate disc height loss C5-6 and C6-7 with prominent osteophytes.  Multilevel facet degenerative change.  So the paper says.  When I was in a lot of pain I found I preferred ice to heat but I tried a lot of things including an inflatable collar and a tens machine.  I believe that the tumeric formula and stretches helped me most.  I am not doctor and am in no way advising you, just sharing my journey.  Take care.
  • Interesting, do you feel that the formulas are what is truly helping? I mean, in many cases time for your body to adjust is all some people need, are you sure it isn't just time that helped? I'm always a little apprehensive about home remedies as there is rarely anything but conjecture to support them. Of course, at this point if something does work that I haven't tried yet I'm about ready to give anything a go to find some relief and return to a normal or semi-normal life.
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    Reminder.....There are no medical professionals on the discussion forum.
    Please read notice on right of this page.
    Members are not permitted to make any kind of diagnosis.

    All members are fellow sufferers and all individuals. No one can take similarities of their situation and say that is what is cause of another members issues.

    Instead, we members offer shared experiences. Then others are allowed to think if it relates to them or not and bring it up to their doctor.

    When members state they do not have a doctor, as sad as that may be, we are not a substitute.

    Reminder..also, over the counter or remedies some members use from book, etc, may be effective for them, but can be harmful to another.
    No matter how innocent a substance may seem or over the counter substances, please check with your doctor first or at least tell him what you are taking, so he can make note of it.

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