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ACDF recovery

I had my surgery on 8-10-16. Fusion from c5 - c7 with plating. I am still having trouble sleeping in bed so I tend to rotate between bed and recliner. Still having some right shoulder pain which I am reading tends to be normal for sone. One of my problems is eating due to the fact that I still have a spot that food seems to want to hang on, s sometimes drinking will wash it on down but most of time I have to hack until I get it back up. Other problem is I have always been a real people person, but since surgery I it seems that if I am around several people talking at once it really seems to get to me. Again really strange for me and my family since I have always been so outgoing. I have been driving some which us pretty nerve racking due to adjusting to range of motion that I have now. 


  • jrenajjrena Baxley, GAPosts: 3
    Thank you.... he cleared me to drive short distances probably because I explained my Mom is about 2 miles from me and so I been driving from here to there just in last few days. I have cut meds back to only half muscle relaxer in mornings and whole at night to rest. I know from reading other posts a lot of stuff different for everyone, but sleeping still rather frustrating but I'm working with it... As far as the eating I did tell surgeon at 2 week check up and he said normal for some to have problems for a while,  but I am drinking protein shakes to supplement  not being able to eat much.. I know just gotta give myself time to heal just feeling frustrated because just don't feel like old self anymore...
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