My neck just doesn't hurt anymore!!!

hello all
I am a week from two level acdf.  Guess what?  My neck pain is almost gone.  The last three days I have taken just a few pain pills.  For the last three years my neck has been hurting almost nonstop.  Maybe it's adrenaline pumping because the fear of surgery is almost here.  I have to laugh, I was really wanting my neck to hurt bad before surgery.  

I am am wondering if anyone else on SH has had this happen?   I am still going through with surgery because I know I need it but what if this is for real?  What should I do?  This makes me want to run head first into a brick wall.  After all if I am going to have surgery I want to feel I really need it.  The calm before the storm I guess.  
Thanks all
ps. I can't believe this is happening to me. If I call off surgery my wife will kill me, she says it took me three years to get here and I better go through with it if I know what's good for me.  


  • healthyhhealthy australiaPosts: 1
    #dmo you should go through to surgery because your pain relief is a temporary
  • Hello all
    This was meant to be funny, kind of tongue in cheek kind of way.  I never intended to cancel surgery yet am amazed I feel so good this close to surgery date. 
    Nutcase  I have two bulging disc into spinal cord, moderate to severe neural foraminal stenosis and DDD.  
    I am enjoying less pain and certainly taking less pain meds is great.  I just feels so weird.  I am sure I will be hurting plenty after surgeon cuts into my neck, ha ha. 
    Thanks dmo
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  • I certainly envy you. I'd give almost anything at this point for this whole cervical radiculopathy experience to just go away. Definitely glad to see at least someone is seeing some relief.
  • mgunthermmgunther Lake Hopatcong, NJPosts: 12
    Hi everyone. I feel you DMO. 

    My surgery is today C5-7.  My pain was gone. Now back.

    if you know and respect your doc - you'll know they didn't make this decision with you lightly. You need it. But pain relief is temporary
  • I have a buldging disc c5/6 since around June. My arms are weak and my neck is stiff. My shoulder back and neck hurts. I'm starting PT tomorrow.  Then debating on an epidural shot.  What's your opinion??
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  • I have had about 15 shots.  Some were esi' and some were facet injections.  I never really got much relief from any of them.  You can try, no harm in that. I have same things as you.  Weak arms and painful neck. 
  • Did you have surgery??
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