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Sharp pain in right side!

Hi all

we have all got that fear that we will re herniate I think, could be wrong. Well I am blooming petrified! 
Last night I went to the toilet and I bent a little too much and though I can't put my finger on any particular I am worried I have done something bad.
If I raise my leg I get a sharp pain that burns on my right buttock at the top where the initial pain was all those months ago, :( 
has anyone else experienced these pains and what should I do??????


  • Ellen625EEllen625 New Jersey, USPosts: 756
    Hi erin
    I am terrified of reherniation as well. Has the pain subsided? How long ago was your surgery. Every time I  "scare" myself, I wait and see if the pain goes away. So far it has but if it doesn't,  I will by on the phone to my doctor.
  • trixttrix LiverpoolPosts: 35
    I believe a "reherniated" very soon after my initial discectomy. 

    Instead of immediate surgery I've had n epidural and facet injections.

    Since the facet injections I've had bouts of immense sciatic pain resulting in me falling to the floor. On my last fall I've hurt my back and am incredibly fearful I've done something else.
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  • erinb40eerinb40 EnglandPosts: 20
    Hi, the pain did go away and 2 weeks since my surgery I am feeling good. The fear definitely gets better and you find yourself relaxing a bit more. . My issue now is that I keep bleeding from my wound. The nurse keeps changing the dressing but they can't see where it is bleeding /weeping is coming from. I got my dressing changed 48 hours ago and it is saturated.
    I keep reminding myself it will be pass
  • erinb40eerinb40 EnglandPosts: 20
    Actually pain has come back :( and is there constantly but I am not sure if it is me feeling something that should be there as I am reducing my meds as well!!! 
  • AMWoodyAMWoody SurreyPosts: 107
    No one will ever know the worry we go through after back operations. The trauma involved and the fear of what IF.... I have bouts of bad pain and one evening i loaded the dishwasher and had a terrible pain. I have not been quite right since..
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  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,509

    If I read that right, you are only a few weeks post surgery.  If so, many find that pains come and go for months after surgery.  Your nerves have a lot of healing to do.


    Read my story at Bruce - My Story
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    It has been a process of healing, learning, exercising, and resting - and figuring out when to do which.

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