Post operative depression (post surgical depression) following ACDF



  • I had a TLIF L5S1 4 weeks ago. Did not receive any pre- or post surgical depression screening. Within days of my surgery I began suffering uncontrollable bouts of crying and depressive thoughts. My surgeons office referred me to my primary care physician. I also continue to relive the brutal unmanaged pain I experienced in the recovery room. My surgeon did not use pain pumps for pain management. I was finally given some Dilauded in my IV after my husband insisted some pain management protocol. My primary care physician has prescribed Prozac for the depression and I have responded well so far.  She also thinks I might have PTSD from the excruciating pain I experienced when I woke from  the anesthesia. Anyone else out there have similar experience?
  • glikink, what a brutal experience.  So glad you are addressing the issues.
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  • celticcceltic Metairie, La. 70001Posts: 40
    Sorry to hear about the depression I had 3 level acdf on 10/05/16 and went home the next day have to wear a hard collar except when sleeping.Starting with a bone stimulator tomorrow.I am extremely depressed I know I won't get better.
  • celtic:  I hope you talk to your doctor and perhaps a therapist about being so depressed.  Don't wait like I did; get help now.  "Knowing you won't get better" can become a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Sure, it is common to have doubts about the future when you are still in the recovery period.  But give yourself a break; it's only been 10 days!

    It's okay to be depressed.  I sometimes wonder if it even has a mild therapeutic value, in that is tends to slow you down while recovering.  I find that it helps to accept that you will most likely get better both emotionally and physically (and it's too bad that medicine categorizes those as separate issues).  It is not okay to suffer without getting the help you need (both emotionally and physically)!

    I'm on a crusade!  Let's get educated about post-operative depression - making it as common to talk about as the side-effects of post operative pain!
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    hello glikink!

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