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Worried sick

pinkey99ppinkey99 34 arkwright street bradford bd4 8jlPosts: 1
Hi I had surgery 11.9.14 fusion on c5 c6 on spinal cord so surgeon said.lately I've got severe pain across top of my back bottom of neck,I'm so worried as I don't want to go back into surgery as it will start my anxiety off again,I'm getting myself in a pickle over this.I've not had an accident think cos I'm lying on my stomach to relax regular has sprained my spine or I'm hoping that's all I've done


  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,509

    welcome to the spine-health forums.

    i am not sure that i understand, were you in an accident?

    really the best thing would be to go to see your doctor.  knowledge is power, your anxiety won't get better while you worry about what the problem might be.

    please click on the following link for some helpful information to get you started welcome to spine-health


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    It has been a process of healing, learning, exercising, and resting - and figuring out when to do which.

  • BackToWorkBBackToWork Upstate NYPosts: 31
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    I hope at the moment, you're enjoying sort of a break, filled with painless peace, quiet, and serenity. Yep! Go see your Doctor, get an MRI, a CT Scan, and X-Rays to see how bad things are. Sometimes just knowing, even if things look sloppy, as weird as it may seem, can help us to be less anxious. If he doesn't recommend anything for pain, ASK! Do research. Ask others, if you can, what they're taking for pain. ASK for a referral to a Pain Management Clinic where you'll find Doctors who specialize in, yes, you guessed it, Pain! Doctors aren't perfect, they're not Gods, they're mondo busy, double booked, they don't know everything, they look up stuff on the internet just as we do... there are meds and shots and whatever out there so you don't have to spend every valuable moment of your very short life in Pain. Do some research, be your own advocate, or have someone help you. Learn about your conditions. Believe  it or not, "Medical People" can hurt you, maybe even hurt you to death, so learn, learn, learn. TRUST ME!

    While you're visiting your GP, ask him to refer you to a Psychiatrist so as to deal with your mental health issues. Anxiety is a form of Pain. Your Brain is an organ. It's not perfect either. Nor is it a magical, mystical, spiritual thing within us that knows all, is all powerful, is with the force, and can heal us if we only "think Positive", and, blah blah blah... Your Brain is an Organ and it can get damaged and/or sick like anything else within your body. It can get very disturbed and upset when somewhere inside your body, there's a Trauma taking place. Worry and Stress are intensely damaging. You Need Peace and Calm for proper healing. It's a Body-Chemistry thing. Sometimes one needs to pop a pill to maintain a proper peaceful environment for proper healing.

    Everything about you, your beliefs, your character, your "spirit", whatever that is, your social skills... and the World and the Universe and God is all bounciing around the inside of your skull. What all that means is, if Your Brain Ain't Right, Nothing is Right! So get some Meds for your Brain Pain as well.

    If things look bad for your bones, and your doctor, which will probably be the Neuro-Doc you've been referred to, recommends it... get surgery. It's not all as bad as some may want you to believe. Weigh with good scales what you read on internet forums and such. People who feel good, and get treated properly, don't often jump online to tell their fantastic stories. Whereas those with aches and pains and bad experiences to vent about, and be comforted by sharing with others, do use whatever, whoever, is at hand, whether it be real live people or, uhh, imaginary (?) ones to help them heal, so to speak, from their bad experiences. Some, apparently, need to shout it out from their presidential candidate podiums.

    I don't watch TV, The News, listen to The Radio, read the "paper"... or the tabloids...I haven't a clue what's going on specifically, but I know the world is Nuts! ...always has been, always will be. Ha! [edit] One thing you will learn is that people with "Pain"/"Pains", gripes, complaints, etc... love to get up on their soap  Doctor. Ask Questions! You're the Patient! He/She Works for You! So many are afraid to Ask Questions, or believe it's not right to question the Doctor, Nurse, or other Medical people, God Forbid! Follow the knowledge you obtain and your instincts and Ask Questions. Always get the films of your MRI's, CT Scans, X'rays put on CD for you, it's no cost, no big deal, get the reports that go along with them. They're good to have in case you need to get second opinions. Will save you lots of time. Learn how to read them, they may help save your own life, or avoid some other medical mistakes... Trust Me!

    Once Again: life is too short to live in pain and or dysfunction. Believe that You Can Get Things Fixed! ...then set upon the path, get on with your journey, to the Land of Peace and, uhhh, Painlessness (?) 

    All In FUN & Good Health,

    John "The Spine From Brooklyn" Brannigan

    PS. I've had 7 operations in less than a year, 3 were Emergent, all Successful! (since i can still walk!) It's a major step by baby step, piece by piece, scenario... I have an 18 inch scar on my spine and another 8 inch above that... they've been reopened so many times, they now have zippers. I'm on tons of Pain Meds and visit, among others, a Pain Clinic. Thank God for the Awesome American Pharmaceutical Industry.

    A Loved One suggested, that I should go online and speak about my knowledge and positive experiences. So here I am, my first post. I have a lot of time on my hands, and my hands, although also wrecked, are able to now type better, due to the fantastic Meds I'm taking. I've had nothing but the Best Care from the Best Doctors and Medical Staff/People, and others right up to Housekeeping and Maintenance, Oh! and I can't forget the EMT's who Saved Me, Three (3) Times! from being paralyzed! Volunteers!!! The food has been great and the dining facility is now on my speed dial. In the hospital the first two most important things are, did you poop, and did you order your food.

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  • BackToWorkBBackToWork Upstate NYPosts: 31

    pinkey99 said:

    pinkey99 said:
    "I've got severe pain across top of my back bottom of neck..... cos I'm lying on my stomach to relax regular has sprained my spine or I'm hoping that's all I've done"

    Could be the Odd position your sleeping in. I have to sleep in a "Lift Chair". It's electric, remote controlled, and can lay out almost completely flat, or stand me up so I can walk right out of it. I can't pull myself out by the arms of a regular recliner chair. I can't use one of those side sticks you sometimes see on the side of regular recliner chairs. I use one of those "U", or Horseshoe shaped neck pillows. I swear by them. They take all the strain off my very damaged cervicals. I eat in my Lift Chair, work on my computer with my feet up, so the Edema doesn't blow my feet up. I can't lay in bed. For one thing, I wear a brace right now 24/7. Laying down just ends me up like a turtle  on it's back, so to speak.

    Your spine has been damaged at it's foundation... your spine is not like it used to be. You will feel changes for quite a while as you, uhhh, reconfigure (?). Try to maintain a good posture as you heal. Put pads in your shoes to reduce shock to your body as you walk. Use a Grabber to pick up things... no bending, twisting. Don't pick up more than 8 pounds, the weight of a gallon of milk... Baby your body, be Peaceful to your Brain... Ask your Doc for some Anti-Anxiety Meds. Some are double duty like Neurontin for Brain and Pain. And avoid any odd positions while awake, or sleeping.
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