Two years Post op L4-L5 fusion, now cervical fusion what should I do...?

   I am a woman in mid 40's three years back I had severe pain in my lower back radiating to my right leg, had difficulty sitting down, walking pretty much doing anything was accompaimed with pain. So went to many doctors and was suggested with Laminectomy at L4-L5 level. Post-op  pain was releived and hoped everything was back to normal. But after 6 months the pain was same again and was even more worse that I couldnt even move my legs. Again went to the surgeon he said that it was normal, but i couldnt bear the pain so went to a global leading multi speciality hospital and met a ortho doctor who gave me the shock of life that my first surgery was of no use to my condition and MRI results then, and said Fusion was my only opportunity to set things right.

On the month of May, I accepted the treatment and went on to do a fusion. This time the pain was really gone and my sympotoms improved. I was back to my normal life with many restrictions but learned to cope with situation. Just a year after the surgery I had severe neck pain accompained with chest pain. Met the doctor in emergency, he askd me to get a ECG, results were normal. So he askd me take an MRI of the cervical spine which revealed cervical spondylosis. The doctor asked me to take some paim killers and do exercise. It helped me a lot, but past month pain occured this time more severe and pain wss radiating to my left arm biceps, triceps, shoulder and index finger. Again went to the doctor got an MRI again, but this another shoclnof my life.

Doctor said Fusion at two levels C4 C5 and C5 C6 is the only way to prevent the symptoms from getting worse. 

I AM NOT PHYSICALLY, MENTALLY, FINACIALLY READY FOR ANOTHER SURGERY,but I dont know what to do so please help me out.!!!!!

P.S: Took pain killers and muscle relaxants (ultracet) for a week. Went for physio but there was no impeovement. At present Im justvsaying at home doing some household chores and no medicines,no physio. Please help me out...!!!!


  • Hi Sudhan, I'm sorry for your frustrations.  I had had 2 laminectomies in lumbar (L4/L5 x 2 and L2/L3).  I then needed an ACDF at C6/C7 for arm and shoulder pain.  Unfortunately that failed and then I had it done posteriorly fusing the spinous process.  I really didn't have any pain after the first failure but they noted it when I had a myelogram done.  That showed herniations at t6/t7 and t7/t8 which I'm now having my fifth spinal surgery to fix those on 9/30.  The cervical fusions have eliminated all my upper beck/arm pain.  Yes, it's frustrating as hell.  The recovery from the ACDF was the easiest ever.  Off the meds after 3 days.  Hang in there and I hope you find relief soon.  If surgery is what you choose they have a really good success in the cervical region typically.
  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
    Curious if it was the same ortho doctor whom you trusted that gave you the news about cervical fusion?
    If not, it is always okay to get a second opinion.
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  • sudhanssudhan IndiaPosts: 10
    Thank you very much for the encouraging words. Hope for your surgery to be a success one. Thanks again

  • sudhanssudhan IndiaPosts: 10
    Savage mam,
    Yes it was from the doctor who did L4 L5 fusion
  • sudhanssudhan IndiaPosts: 10
    Actually went on for a second opinion from a Neurosurgeon. He gave the following meds,
    Trigabantin 300 mg 
    Myo -MR
    Took these meds for a month and there is no pain relief infact it has become worse...

    Any suggestion on whether I should try again the conservative treatments or opt for the surgery?
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  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,340

    I am sorry that you are going through this.  The good news is that it seems that you are working with a good surgeon with a track record that you like.

    If I had to wait for surgery, I would discuss cervical traction with my surgeon.  This can provide some temporary relief that will make the wait more tolerable.  If you have muscle spasms/pain also discuss TENS units.

    I cannot provide advice on getting surgery - that is a very personal decision that you need to make for yourself.  As you already know, surgery can be life changing if it works, or not so much if it doesn't work.  For me, it was well worth having cervical fusion.

    Good luck, I will be hoping for you to get better.  Please let us know what you decide and how it turns out.

  • sudhanssudhan IndiaPosts: 10
    Thanks for replying, I have sent you a personal message kindly reply to it if you find some time.
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