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i am new to site and  looking for some answers to a few questions i am 24 anoi am just iver 4 months post opration on a lumbar herniated disc in the L-5 reigon and im beginning to have leg and hip pain in my right side the first disc was on the left ive tried physical therephy when i saw a pain speciist he told me i had 2 herniated discs and he would do an  injection but it wouldnt work so i came home and discussed it with family and we agreed to go see a neurosurgon im starting to think that at 24 years old there may be more to the discs then meets the eye i also have a case of mild cerebal palsy so could that be a factor into why my discs got bad at such a young age? ive also been having pain near my first insision site and it feels swolen is that normal 4 months out? been unable to sleep much because of the paim so when i see my neurosurgon im going to tackle that problem to

im just at a loss with all this stuff with my back i love walking but because of the new hip/lowe back pain im unable to walk as far as i normally do i just want to feel normal again 


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    sorry for what you're going through!  I would agree that you need to check in with your neurosurgeon on your surgical site and other pains.  Your GP may be able to help you get some relief prescription-wise.  Don't know where you're from or how your medical system works, but your primary care provider or general practitioner is usually where you should start to get results the fastest.  Getting pain relief so you can at least sleep at night will go a long way to helping recovery.  All the best to you!
  • thank you but my appointment is tuesday and i still have some pain medicine untill i go 
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