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Mobility After Cervical Surgery?

My surgery is tentatively scheduled Sept 21. I am having 3 fusions C5,6,7-T1.Will I still have the same mobility or will it be gone. My surgeon was not clear with his answer.

Thank you.


  • dilauroddilauro ConnecticutPosts: 12,509
    There will probably be some lost of range of motion after the surgery.

    However, with Physical Therapy and your constant approach to home exercises, you can eliminate SOME of the range of motion that you may lose from surgery.

    I know, I did not keep up with the exercises I should have and as a result I have some permanent lack of range of motion.

    But so much is in your hands.
  • CandyDCCandyD WisconsinPosts: 31
    I had C3 through C7 and I can look side to side but not over my shoulder (although I can twist myself to see more, as in driving).  I can look down but I can't tuck my chin as far as I could before surgery.  I can look up but have a tendency to tilt my body back a little if I want to look higher up. I heard a 7% reduction per level of fusion, but I can't confirm that number. 
    Cervical spondylosis with myelopathy
    05/05/16 Posterior Laminectomy and Cervical Spinal Fusion C3-C7 
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  • laurietlauriet Kent, WAPosts: 33
    I totally agree with CandyD, I had same surgery as her, mine was anterior and posterior, I was in a rehab for 2 weeks before I was so bad prior to surgery, I ended up getting cortisone shots in my shoulders because they were so tight, again from being so bad prior to surgery. If you look straight forward like that's 12 o'clock, I can look to about 2:30 and 10:30,  I can tilt my head back a bit, I have a  cage, going forward not very far or I gag myself. It will take you some getting used too. I'm 8 months out and still gag myself because I forget I can't do what I used too. Good luck with surgery.
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