9 months now and back hasn't healed

Hello. my name is Marshall I am 23 years old and I have had lower back  pain for almost 9 months now after an accident at work. I was pulling a pallet and the floor was wet and fell directly on my lower back on the concrete floor. That one accident has changed my life dramatically and my back has been in pain ever since. I have never had any issues with pain before this and I have fallen quite a bit in my lifetime and have broken a few bones but nothing that ever took more then a few months to heal. I had a few xrays done and also an MRI and CT scan but the doctors couldn't find anything and also physical therapy but that didn't seem to help much. This accident has ruined my life since I used to be quite an active person but now not anymore I can't lift heavy objects without being in pain and had to settle for a sales job even though I enjoyed hard work which sucks for me because I want to work normally again.  I also had to stop lifting weights which i enjoyed and also my career path which requires  strenuous labor  all down the toilet because of one accident and thats what makes me mad the most is knowing if I was paying more attention and refused to move that pallet none of this would have happened. Any insight on what to do at this point is greatly appreciated because I'm at my wits end and find it incredible how weak our bodies really are to not recover from one stupid fall.  


  • Ellen625EEllen625 New Jersey, USPosts: 754
    Hi Marshall,
    Sorry to hear about your suffering. Did you put in a workers comp claim? Can you get a second opinion.
    I know for me it took awhile for the pain to go away when I did something to my back but 9 months seems too long.
  • I believe my workers comp claim ran out or something because when I tried to make another appointment m y claim number didn't work and I was so frustrated I gave up but now I am really sick of dealing with the pain I will call the insurance companynext week and renew the claim or whatever I just want a diagnosis at this point
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    hello marshall123 !
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    If you are still in pain your body is telling you something is wrong... despite what you doctor said.  You should seek a second opinion... back issues are not always easy to diagnose and can sometimes be missed.

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