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momo-kmmomo-k Posts: 99
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I am wondering if any of you have experienced more pain when you are stressed? Is your pain worse in the morning, then ease out some what, then pain comes back later in the later in the day with vengeance? 
Thank you for your replies.


  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
    For me, yes! 
    Because it's chronic's always there.
    But with pleasant and or mindless activities, I can more easily distract my pain...put it on back burner.

    When unavoidable situations and or challenging people enter my is much more difficult.
    My pain definitely seems to increase with stress!

    I think its just as the stress of my behavior with increased physical activities can cause my pain to increase, and may take me days to recoup....
    same with the stress of my thoughts and emotions.

  • Thank you Savage and Kimmy72. I wasn't alone... and wasn't just in my head. 
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