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about 2 and 1/2 months post op ACDF

I am a teacher and went back to work after my ACDF C567 at the end of August.  I wore a collar for 6 weeks after my surgery and it came off in the beginning of August.  I'm trying to slowly get back into the swing of things.  I teach primary grades therefore I have a lot of prep work for my class. It hurts to cut paper, write on my white board, write notes in cursive or print to parents, and other fine motor activities.  I even tried to write with icing on my daughter's 16th bday cake this weekend.  My hand shook and the 16 came out very messy.  Is this common due to the neck and the nerves in my right hand?  Any idea how long this can last?  (I know every situation is different)  I am starting to type my notes instead.  Unfortunately , even typing this is getting sore.
Any advice???



  • Belle28BBelle28 California Posts: 11
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    Perhaps you need to have waited a little bit longer before going back to work. Your condition just included a lot more nerves that have been suppressed by the inflammation of the eroded disc. Your nerves are coming back to life now so while you already feel weak from lack of muscle and still recovering from an invasive surgery, your nerves are going to tingle because they are coming back to life and realigning themselves to where they were before the damage began. Hopefully none are permanently damaged as you will be known in those areas, but maybe not as much. I think it's going to take at least six months before a patient can feel truly better.

    I just had my acdf surgery on my C5 and C6 in mid June. So all that I said above are straight from my surgeon, who is highly esteemed in my area. I hope this comforts you. :) I came back to this website to hopefully find someone in the same condition is mine, and I already found you! 
  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,509

    I am sorry that this is taking longer than you want (longer than we all want.)  After about 8 months, I started to feel like I could do things without paying the price later.

    I wonder if you modify how you do things a little if it would help.  Limit the area of the blackboard that you use, don't reach so high.  Maybe use an overhead projector instead of writing on the board.

    Maybe reach out to the parents to see if some could come in to assist you?  I know at my kids school, parents would have helped - but we may have been unusual...

    Good luck.


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    It has been a process of healing, learning, exercising, and resting - and figuring out when to do which.

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  • KGeorgeKKGeorge New YorkPosts: 39
    Thank you - I'm glad to hear Bella you are in the same boat. I did question if I should be going back to teaching my primary kids this early after surgery.  I thought I was feeling better.  I started to do things more and more.  I did call the doctor today. He said everything I'm feeling is very normal. He is now sending me to physical therapy.  He continued my meds.  Also he told me to rest when I can.  I think I can do anything.  I have never had this type of surgery. 

    Thank you everyone
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