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1/7/2010 You referred to a post  where you discussed DDD reversal
 Please send to me or refer me to that post



  • LizLiz Posts: 2,261
    where you see a post from "anonymoususer " it means that member no longer exits on the forum. you will not get a response

    this is the article mentioned in that discussion

    we advise members not to put their email address's on the forum for reasons stated  in code of conduct 
    1. protect anonymity. patients, doctors, and concerned family and friends follow the veritas health, llc forums. please keep your identity protected—we recommend that you don’t post or use your real name. additionally, members are not permitted to solicit, compile, or use personally identifiable information from other members (such as through research surveys, etc.) without written permission from veritas health, llc. forms of personally identifiable information can include but is not limited to addresses, telephone numbers, fax numbers, email addresses, or other contact information that may appear.
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