Lump under incision scar

i am three and a half weeks post a double posterior foraminotomy and there is now a hard lump developing under my scar which getting quite painful.  Does anyone know if this is normal please?


  • MetalneckMetalneck The Island of Misfit toysPosts: 410
    Have you had a follow up exam with your surgeon as of yet?  If not ..... this sounds like it maybe a good reason to schedule one.  Many different skin manifestations can occur at a surgical site - your physician will be able to tell you if its normal or not.

    Let us know how its goes,


  • Seeing him tomorrow for follow-up, will ask his opinion on the lump. Think it could be scar tissue?
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  • i had one above my insision scar and my Doctor said it was normal as long as it wasnt at the bottom i also has leakage after i had my stitches removed which i went to the ER for
  • Fortunately my staples came out clean. I massaged the scar with Bio Oil last night and this morning the lump seems to have gone down a bit.
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