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j.howiejj.howie Brentwood, Ca., USAPosts: 80
Hi, I had a pain pump untill recently. I had a problem with the cathiter. The P.P. Dr. couldn't get a new one in because of my back being so messed up from all the many surgeries. I'm in the process of getting a real surgeon to put it back in.
But my Question is my P.P. Dr. would not titrate my pump to more than 2.368 mg. of Dialaudid per day. Wich was less than half of what I needed! I'm wondering what dose others are getting. And do you think your under dosed or about right.
Please help me out with this. It's important to me to know. How long you've been in chronic pain and amount of corrective surgeries would help to. I've had 10 surgeries some only minor and some major. I've been in chronic pain scince 1989.
Than you, Jim


  • I'm getting 6.5mg of morphine per day. I also take oxycodone to supplement the afternoon
  • We have to remember that the concentration of the pump meds is different for each patient. My pain doc said to think of it like Crystal Light drink mix, some use more & some less. He said my Morphine was very concentrated and I've noticed my per day dosage is radically lower than other pump patients dosages. True for most medications that are liquid--some are consistent in their strength, some are lesser or stronger, giving each patient a unique dosage. I always loved Pharmacology, but man can it seem confusing at first figuring out mgs per ml and then calculate what the physician ordered.  
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  • j.howiejj.howie Brentwood, Ca., USAPosts: 80

    Are there any other P. P. People out there that can tell me what mg. Of Dilaudid your pump is set at? Mine is set at 3.850 and gives me about 35 or 40% relief. And the pm Dr. Says that he won’t go over 4%. And with him wanting to cut all orals. It’s just not going to work for me. This Dr. Has divorced from his wife and he got raked over the coals. And he is scared to death of law suits and the C. D. C. 


  • Jerome001Jerome001 Cocoa Beach, FloridaPosts: 259

    I'm prescribed morphine in my pump so no input on that but I presume (dangerous) there is a standard max that can be prescribed...just a thought. 

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