Kinked conjoined nerves L5 S1

I had conjoined nerves that were kinked in my L5 S1 so they had to do surgery - foraminotomy and laminectomy and unkink the nerves last Sept and I'm still having major issues a year later. My neurosurgeon says I should be fine and to exercise more and nothing else can be done? I'm about 25-30 lbs overweight but am in pretty good physical shape. I've been doing physio twice a week which doesn't help, massage- didn't help and now taking Toradol and amitriptylene. I was taking gabapentin but that made me psychotic so Ive finally got that out of my system. I also tried lyrica and cymbalta but didn't like either. I can't sit or stand for any period of time and tried to work for 1.5 months but it was too painful. I have chronic pain and don't know what kind of timeline I'm looking at or if this is it at 46 years old??? I also can't find anything online about this type of surgery when my neuro says it's a normal procedure??? Help 


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    Laminectomies and forminotomies are faily common surgeries to relieve spinal nerve compression pain.

    If you neurosurgeon isn't willing to listen to your continuing issues... maybe you seek out a second opinion.

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    Co-joined makes me think of sticky and sticky make me think of arachnoiditis.  Have you had a CT Mylogram as of yet??  Did they state any cause for the nerves to be sticking together?  Have you had multiple ESI's??  Search arachnoditis and see if any of that may apply to your condition.

    Keep us posted,


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    what kind of exercise do you do?  As far as the suggestion to lose weight goes, it doesn't seem unreasonable.  You'd be surprised what a difference 25 lbs makes in how you feel, and the load on your compromised spine.  Sometimes the advice to lose weight is considerate more of what lies ahead.  If you are now "about 25-30 lbs overweight", and feeling less able to do things because of your condition, given your age, the Dr. is probably predicting that the weight is only going to climb and only make things worse.  I re-gained 27 lbs that I had lost the year prior to my ruptured disc, due to prescription meds, being suddenly very inactive, and emotional eating.  After my surgery, I worked to lose the weight again, but it is much harder this time around.  It is hard work, something that is made much more difficult now that I'm dealing with chronic pain.  But It is one of the things I can DO to change my situation for the better.  Exercise makes a big difference for me, in how I 'feel', not just physically, but emotionally too.  Walking a couple miles a day, swimming or aquacise, are pretty 'mild' forms of exercise but they pay me big dividends.  I hope you can find something to do that benefits you the same way.
  • I'm aware of extra weight not helping my situation but I walk daily...3 klm's or so and usually go further on the weekends but sometimes I'm in so much pain that it's impossible to walk far or I suffer through the walk which isn't good either and normally at night I'm unable to go at all. I have had CT scans when I first had issues and in June I had an MRI, no ESi's yet. I will mention to my DR about arachnoditis as I've never heard of it but it does sound like all my symptoms. My nerves are conjoined from birth apparently so two nerves in one. Last August I was getting dressed and threw out my back, spent three days in hospital then within a week I was sent to neurosurgeon and a week later was operated on so it was quick but super painful before and after. I still can't drive far at all and if I try to then both my legs go numb within 20 minutes. 

  • Going to Physiatrist next week and nerve assessment in November 
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  • I'm going for a nerve block which I don't think is the right thing to have done since I believe that could set me back. I'm so scared of going backwards again. I have pain but can walk again just no sitting or standing.
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