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Reherniation - Is it Possible to get Better Without a Second Surgery?



  • SpartySSparty ArizonaPosts: 159
    Sorry if you mentioned before, did you get an MRI recently?  Even a general practice doc can order it.  If anything its piece of mind.
  • insurence will be hard to approve but i think ill be fine as long as i dont have severe statica symtoms im fine i have them now and then in the right leg my first disc was pressing on my left nerve and the 2nd one was leaning to the right so im keep an eye on m right leg right now its every now and then its not like it was on the left pre surgery but im going to try PT and see how that goes the back pain is the worst its like maybe 6-7/10 when its really bad and it frustrates me but im going to fight through the pain like a warrior!
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  • SpartySSparty ArizonaPosts: 159
    That's the right attitude!  Your going to beat this.  I had a second MRI done right before surgery to see if any of the conservative methods were working.  It was the same as the first one so no improvement at all which ultimately confirmed the decision for surgery.  The second MRI was not covered by insurance but was only $250.  It's not cheap but I paid it out of pocket.  It gave me peace of mind going into surgery that it was the right decision. 
  • i see well the surgon said as soon as he saw it the only option was surgery he woudnt be able to do any non surgical tratements they wouldnt work the disc was like amost half out and my nerve was seriously pinched im glad when i came home from the pain management doctor my family agreed that i needed to see the neurosurgon ad he told me that i had a chance of becoming paralzed it was so bad so after my surgery was secdueled i went right over to preadmissions and a week later i got the surgery i somtimes regret having it done but it was needed
  • SpartySSparty ArizonaPosts: 159
    Nothing to regret.  The severity most likely explains the extra time for healing.  You had it rough!  Your gonna come out of this stronger and wiser. 
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  • HeavenlyraeHHeavenlyrae Posts: 577
    edited 09/25/2016 - 6:23 PM
    yup! now that i think about it thats why im healing slower possibly buits also the emotional ups and downs that really bother me alone with the pain but the  emotional stuff is harder then i have bipolar so its nit easy but i do see my psycologist tomorrow so ill see if he can help
  • SpartySSparty ArizonaPosts: 159
    The emotional part is really hard.  That's what makes this forum so important.  We are all in it together.
  • Yup yup
  • I am new but not to back pain. Sorry but I almost lol at the 17 day post op. I feel I can be of some help on this one as well as Harry. I had my first L5 S1 in 1974 and again in 1982. Harry had the best advice as to taking it easy and not to worry. I would only add to this advice by saying. You should make it your full time job, for the next few weeks, in educating yourself fully on just what was done to you. Youtube is a good source, also alternative medical advice can be as well. Once you understand that 100% is not and can not always be accomplished. Surgery is not a cure but it does help a great deal in many cases.  My bet is that your going to be just fine.  Most doctors, if you really press them, will tell you to give it a good year before trying to evaluate your back. A lot can happen in a year. Looking forward to seeing how well you do.
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