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so i saw my neurosurgon about my backpain/leg weakness he sent  me to pt and says the back pain is normal and theres no need for more serious treatments at this point i was up most of the night worried about all the possible outcomes of the visit overall im pleased with my visit to the doctor i didnt get to ask questions i wanted to ask BUT should the day come i need to see him again (hope i dont) im going to ask him

i hope everyone has had a good day


  • ShivayaSShivaya Quebec, CanadaPosts: 35
    What kind of surgery did you have and how long ago? I had a laminectomy/discectomy 18 days ago and at this point my biggest complaint is back pain and stiffness (right at the top of my hip). There is leg pain too but it's nothing compared to the back pain.

    I'm actually seeing my n/s today to have my staples removed so I'll ask him.
  • Shivaya i had a  laminectomy in may ive been doing good just a few pains and went to get checked out i worry about everything and Kimmy thank you yes its the pre appointment nerves that get you!
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  • AMWoodyAMWoody SurreyPosts: 107
    I am pleased for you and I also had surgery in April.. I didn't get to ask enough questions and was discharged but still having pain. With advice I have started my Naproxen again.
  • HeavenlyraeHHeavenlyrae Posts: 572
    edited 09/14/2016 - 12:37 PM
    im just conserned about me so young (24) illl need more surgeries as i age and  i really dont want that i had questions i wanted to ask yesterday but i never got the chnace all i was worried about was going to happen
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