Stenosis, deterioration, and 'vital signs'

I am dealing with ‘severe’ bilateral stenosis at C4-C5, and ‘severe’ left stenosis at C5-C6.

My discomfort manifests in a chronic headache of varying degrees and pressure
around the top and back of my head. It is accompanied, or at times overborne by
the feeling that my head is not quite square on my neck.

Sleep is broken, and not very restorative or relaxing. Ergo fatigue is an
issue. After being up for a couple hours, when I lie down, my first exhale is a
deep, outlet as if totally exhausted. I did some looking and my breathing rate
and rhythm seem to be in accordance with ‘typical’ realms. Recent x-rays show
my lungs clear and without issue, however sometimes breathing seems ‘labored’ -
not in that it is difficult to bring air in so much as it is draining to expand
and contract the muscles in my chest.

And I am also questioning whether this multi-density, natural latex mattress
really is the best for me, as often when I get up my torso is stiff and achy. I
LOVED my 80% motionless waterbed!

I recently experienced a couple things that indicate a further step in
deterioration - advancing numbness in my left forefinger, and a new tightening
sensation across the base of my skull, almost as if getting goose bumps, but no
raising of the hair or skin.

As this stenosis deteriorates further, will it eventually affect ‘vital signs’
such as pulse, blood pressure, or respiration?

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