Please help. I dont know what to do

I am new here. I will do my best to tell ALL of problems because I don't want to leave out any clues.
I'm 36 yo male w sever neck pain for 5 years. I have always worked in construction fields.

5 yrs ago I woke one day unable to lift my head. I went to a chiropractor and dr office. A husband/wife practice that ordered xrays prior to adjusting me. At this time I lived in a large metropolitan area w hi quality Drs. The radiologist came out of his,office surprised to see that I could walk. Said he has only seen a few times, but those were in a hospital unable to walk. I had a severe kyphotic (backwards) curve to my neck. The chiropractor refused to adjust me and his wife ordered an MRI.

My MRI was very thorough, many pages of report. Overall findings were EVERY cervical disc was bulging AND herniated. Stenosis of the nerve canals, and numerous bone spurs contacting the spinal cord. The chiropractor would not adjust my neck still. His wife began me on numerous opiods, muscle relaxers etc.

A year later I moved to a very remote part of upstate NY. I found a new dr and a chiroprctor.
With the Drs help I discontinued the heavy oxycontin, and lowered my,percocet doses Ibuprofen and muscle relaxers. My chiropractor has been great, and I had been feeling slightly better than,originally.

But in this last year my dr has left the practice and I have begun many new problems.  I have been passed around to different primary drs in the office and no one is helping.
My jaw dislocated after a bad root canal, and my chiropractor got it back close to correct after 4 weeks of agony. But he blames my neck.
The pain where my spine meets the skull is severe at all times, and headaches into,my temples. Also Photosensitive.
6months ago I began getting dizzy, I've seen 2 ENT, an audiologist, the emergency room, an urgent care and 2 replacement primaries. To no help.

In the last week I have had the worst of neck,pain yet and the dizziness has increased significantly and prevented me from working. When I cough, my eyes jiggle and I lose vision. I cannot lay on a bed without feeling,like I'm doing sommersaults and want to,vomit. Sitting is bad also, I find standing to be the least dizzy.

My local hospital wants me to see a neurologist in vermont, but they are scheduling for 6 months out.

Can anyone offer me any insight on what I should,do. I know I need to go to a real city, but who should I be seeing, what kind of Drs

If you read all this, I thank you. 
Any,insights or advice would be greatly appreciated.


  • Hello adkjason

    All the advice here comes from experience and there are no professionals who can

    That is alot of pain and suffering to deal with!

    If possible, to get out of that area to seek another opinion?
    Push to get that neurologist appt moved up

    Clicking the welcome message below my sinature will give more information on Spine-Health and the resources there.
    Hang in there
  • adkjasonaadkjason AdirondacksPosts: 3
    Thank you for the reply.
    I plan on going to NYC Boston Philly or dc. I'm just unsure of who I need. Neurologist, orthopedic, etc
    I'm having another sleepless night tonight due to,pain and dizziness. I can only look forward to a chiropractor Monday. The chronic pain and headaches are really taking their toll on me. 
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  • Its still ohh dark thirty here..

    As the day progresses some of the good folk here may provide some insights.
    A simple check up sometimes provides the biggest clues..

  • I would directly call a neurologist and make an appointment for as soon as possible. 
  • Bruce EitmanBruce Eitman Akron, OH, USAPosts: 1,340
    Can you get to Albany or Syracuse?   There must be neurologists or orthopedic surgeons available sooner than 6 months there - I am assuming that you are near Burlington, VT.  The most important thing is that they specialize in spine problems, if not, move on.

    You also may get an appointment sooner if you have a recent MRI and send it to the Dr to review.  Your primary dr can order it.  Heck, if you don't have that, your first appointment will just be a meet and greet anyway, followed by an MRI and more waiting.
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  • adkjasonaadkjason AdirondacksPosts: 3
    Thanks everyone. Worked today but spent some time,making calls.
    Got an appt for next Monday.  6+hrs south in NYC.
    Currently on my 2nd night unable to sleep due to dizziness.
    Getting tired, so I think i may actually fall asleep soon
  • That's great news. I hope you got some sleep. Please update after your appointment.
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