Rods curvature pulling shoulders too much backwards, hence causing novel neck and lung pains.

Good afternoon All,
Having suffered from lower back pains due to scoliosis for years, and with his scoliosis angles and torsion and pains increasing so much that he had to interrupt his studies, my son finally decided to undergo spinal surgery.
The 7 hours long spinal surgery itself went reasonably well.
Then, a couple of days later, appeared a first post-surgery problem: upon his first steps out of bed, my son felt that his upper-back was pulled too much backwards by the rods' curvature, with pressures on his lungs, not allowing him to breathe easily and to stand right.  After six weeks, he could start kinesitherapy for his revalidation.  His lower back pains seemed to be lowered.  Then things started to get wrong and more and more painful, with the appearance of new and additional neck pains this time.
In other words, the surgery displaced a substantial part of his lower back pains to the upper part of his body, lungs and neck.
Three months passed the spinal surgery after the surgery the surgeon dismissed his complaint about new pains, and bluntly told him to keep going to kinesitherapy...
In principles, rods' curvature should enable him to get more bended forward.  But now that the fusion is done, how to get that curve to move more forward?  

Kinesitherapy did and does not help.  His new pains do increase, hence annihilating his hopes to resume his studies, and he is falling into depression.  Very sad to see him suffering so much, and we, parents, we are now at a loss about what to do to help him to live better again.
Anyone with similar experience?  Any suggestion for alleviating his new neck and lung pains?
Thanks in advance for our son, and others who would experience similar sufferings, and
Kind regards,



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    welcome to the spine-health forums.

    i am so sorry that your son is going through this.  i don't have experience to offer, but hopefully other members do and will.

    do consider that the surgery has changed your son's entire body dynamics.  with that can come some new pains because stretched parts will now compress and compressed parts will now stretch.   this may be why the surgeon dismissed the complaints.  of course, if you think that the surgeon is wrong, get a second opinion.

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