Violent Back Spasms 3 Weeks after Laminectomy/Discectomy



  • smartens162smartens162 Manitoba, CanadaPosts: 361
    As for tightness at the incision area, I was recommended to massage castor oil on it (once it is completely healed over).  I helps to soften scar tissue that typically developes, making it more pliable/flexible.  Castor oil is readily absorbed deeper through the skin, plus it is one of the cheapest oils on the market.  You can probably buy other oils or creams that do the same but are more expensive, smell better, etc.  When I am good at remembering to apply it nightly, my physiotherapist says it is noticeable that the scar tissue is not so stiff.  
  • ShivayaSShivaya Quebec, CanadaPosts: 35

    Thanks for the tip on the castor oil - I'm going to definitely try that because the stiffness is annoying. I hurt my back SNEEZING a couple nights ago and now it sent me a few steps back in my recovery. Ridiculous!

    I have a large lump/swelling on the side of my incision area too. I'm assuming it's just my muscle that swelled back up after the sneezing incident... oh well, they did say the recovery would be like a rollercoaster, but I still will be mentioning this to my doctor when I see her in a few weeks if it's not getting better.

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