Continuous pressure in head

Hi everyone, 
I'm looking for some guidance. I have had ongoing pressure in my head (mainly directly behind my forehead, eyes and nose) for 3 months or more. I have done 3 rounds of antibiotics for "sinusitis" and taken all the allergy medication possible with no relief. I finally had a sinus CT and saw an ENT who put the scope into my sinuses and said they are "the picture of sinus health". He has now referred me to an ENT specializing in audiology and also a neurologist. 

2 1/2 years ago I had a C5-C6 ACDF, and while it relieved the arm and shoulder pain, I continue to feel stiff all the time. 

I am wondering if there is anyone with a similar situation and what path you took to get relief. This pressure is so annoying and distracting, I can barely concentrate.

Thanks in advance.


  • Have you ever had a ct of your head?
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    hello smilius78 !
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