Transpedicular fusion T6 to T8

I've searched a bunch on here and couldn't  find any discussion on my upcoming thoracic surgery on 9/30.  I've had 2 lumbar and 2 cervical surgeries previously.  Only fused currently in the neck (anteriorly and posteriorly).  Anyone around have thoracic work in those areas?  How did it go?  I know it's a 5 day hospital stay so not a mickey mouse surgery evidently.



  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 4,299
    Hello ....
    I have never been a candidate for surgery, so I can't speak to that.

    I do want to wish you the very best with your upcoming surgery and a smooth recovery!

    Even though you have had previous surgeries, I wanted to mention a post titled.....Recovery The Most Important Phase...
    You can find by using search, upper right on page. It may be of helpful to you.

    When I used search, I did find pedicular screws for spinal fusion, with referred reading, on the medical side of  SH site.
    Not sure if any of that helpful to you.

    Again, good luck to you!

  • Thanks for the tips Savage.   It's all helpful as this is a first for my thoracic region.  Have found a support group on FB specifically related to thoracic spine and mod of site had similar surgery just no hardware.  I'm really anxious to hear how someone is doing with the pedicular fusion in the thoracic area but I do realize how rare thoracic spine surgeries are.  Again, thanks!
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  • gfishggfish Pittsburgh PAPosts: 111
    I cant speak for everyone, But  my fusion from T- 4 to T- 10 is not the greatest. And not to go into detail, but I have no relief. Same as the pain I started with.  But I was not fixed, just stabilized.  Spent 3 days in the hospital, begged my doctor to let me go home and rest. But their are  a lot of us thoracic spines on spine health. Is it not a rare procedure just avoided if can be.  Its where it is that makes it hard. The surgeon cant get full access around the spine. The ribs are right there, in the way.  Unlike the lumbar where he/she has more room to work. To access both sides of the thoracic spine. They have to do an anterior and posterior . Usually deflate a lung and cut a rib or two. Flip you over and work on the other side.  I only had the posterior.  Going from both sides would not have benefited me.  Dont take it lightly, Do what ever you doctor tells you to do after surgery.  Its a slow healing process.  Good luck. 
  • Appreciate the advice Greg.  Main reason for going in is due to a spur compressing my cord.  He is then going to take care of the herniations since he's in there.   Total posterior approach so only cut is on the back.   Went through all the conservative measures and now it's almost 2 years of feeling like a vice is just tightening and tightening.  Legs are extremely week.  Pretty much no life so I'm willing to go for it.  He's told me only 60% of success so I gotta admit he's been upfront.  He's also performed over 100 of these so feel confident.  Good luck in your recovery. 
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