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C3-C4 Disc Compression - Been over a year now and still in pain

muscularitalianmmuscularitalian Posts: 1
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Hey everyone. Im new here but have been having problems for a year or so now with my injuries. Heck, its probably been a year and a half. Ill start off by saying how it happened. Im avid weight lifter and did gymnastics for the fun of it. I did a muscle up [edit] I did 3 in a row, like I had a ton of times before. Next morning I woke up and I couldn't move me neck, it was stiff for 3 weeks or so. Once that went down I noticed I started getting some tingling in my shoulders and triceps. Long story short I got my MRI's I have a C3,C4,C5 compression and a bulging disc issue on my right side, its not so so serve but I cant lift any more without pain and lifting was my life. I have been to the orthopedics and he suggested physical therapy. Did nothing, they made me so small exercises, which I have already been doing. Im not able to bench press with the bar anymore because it puts my shoulder in a bad impingement, but I can use dumbbells but after about 10 reps im in massive pain because of the nerve issue. The docs said the compression is hitting a nerve which is causing the pain. 

I also went to the chiro for about 8 weeks, only after 4 weeks he would open up the joins in my neck to take the pressure of my nerve, it was temp though the next day I was still in pain and still cant lift without pain. Not sure what to do here, some suggested surgery, most of the doctors I went to said I dont need surgery and that it just needs to decompress. Im sure there are people who have the same issues that are worse but turned out okay?  - Is there anything at home I can do? I recently lost my job and my medical, but I can get that back or pay for a chiropractor again, just looking for opinions, this has been going on for to long, for me atleast.

Thank you,


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  • LizLiz Posts: 9,697
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    hello chris

    please click on the link for useful information


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  • Yes I looked through that, I was more looking for peoples opinions since im sure others here have been through what I have, thank you though Liz :)
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  • SavageSavage United StatesPosts: 7,241
    Many of us, but I will speak for myself.....I have had to reinvent myself a few times due to my chronic pain and spinal issues..and other medical issues.
    It is not easy, but sometimes it's impossible to have same physical activity as before.

    I am curious, how many doctors did you go to for opinions re surgery? You said ..most...and some.

    You asked if there is anything you can do at home. Are you referring to exercises?
    There aren't any medical professionals on discussion forum, so members not allowed to give advice.
    Even if two people had similar to same diagnosis, everyone is so individual that only your doctor knows your over all health and well being for best recommendation for you.

    Re to find more like minded members, re the weight lifting, you may benefit from using search, upper right on page.
    When you type in your concerns, you may be led to current or older discussions that may be informative.
    You also may be led to the medical side of forum with articles and videos. Very informative!

    We also have a sister site just beginning ..... ...that may have information for you.

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