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  • By the way, I assume you have had a lumbar MRI and a full workup to exclude that your gait and balance problems are coming from your neck, not your lumbar spine. 

  • L.A.Spiney said:
    In the scheme of things, I would think that being able to walk would be more important than how far you can turn your neck.

    Just trying to calm my nerves.

    Talking with the NS scheduler tomorrow.
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  • CandyDCCandyD WisconsinPosts: 30
    I had C3 through C7 fused. I have some limitations in ROM. I can look side to side but not back over my shoulder, unless I twist my body. I can look up but tend to lean back as Bruce mentioned. I can look down but I can't tuck my chin to my chest. I tried touching my ear to my shoulder but I can't do it. The limitation doesn't hurt anymore. Now it just feels like a stiffness. Turning my head to the side still causes some slight tenderness in my neck. I am about 4 months out from my surgery.
  • CandyD thanks for the feedback. I read your post in another thread and it sounds like you are doing well. That's great!
  • I have no ROM at all but all the symptoms caused by stenosis etc went away, also had balance and gait problems. My journey is from piperbill, ive posted a good bit of my experience on the forums. seems that you can be pretty mobile until the c1 and c2 get fused, im from skull base to t1 and would do it again considering.  a lessening of ROM to me means doing business a bit differently currently the biggest thing i cannot do is get the last swallow from a can of soda without a straw.  Hopefully you will be blessed with good healing and method. take care piperbill
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  • Thanks Piperbill.

    I have been away and have not checked in to see posts.

    Waiting for NS assistant to call back to schedule surgery. Should have a date on Monday.
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