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Good Evening. I hope someone can help. I've been experiencing upper back pain on the right side in a spot between my spine and should blade for a few months. It started out as feeling somewhat like a pinched nerve there with a numbness and burning that became pain only when hiking uphill for prolonged periods. When going downhill it would ease up and would be forgotten until the next workout. It has progressed to the point where everyday activities at my desk job aggravate it, but it does not go into real agony until I am exercising. The only thing that I can connect it to going from a minor annoyance to a real issue is a period of unusually heavy lifting at work and intense weight lifting on my own at home without a trainer. So I saw my regular doctor who sent me for an MRI which showed a small syrinx in my spine, slightly communicating with the outside of the spinal cord, the widest at around T6 or 7. The specialist that saw me after the MRI consulted with a neurosurgeon in his practice and they both concluded that the syrinx was probably there from birth and most likely not the source of the pain. However, they don't know what the cause is. No disk issues were seen on the MRI. The pain is relieved by rest and does not hurt at all when lying down. The pain does not wrap to the front or radiate down my arms and legs, and there has been no muscle weakness or numbness anywhere else. The specialist did some in-office routine tests and seems to have ruled out MS, and I am awaiting results from a lyme disease test since I was bitten my a deer tick this spring before all of this started. Does anyone have any experience like this or ideas? Thanks in advance!


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    What a rough ride!

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